Brett Morris

Brett Morris is chief executive of The Fortune Group – transforming leadership and sales effectiveness with unique sales training and management training solutions. Brett founded three strategy and business development firms and has over 30 years of experience in leadership facilitation and training, business and sales strategies, venture capital fund management, business models and processes, market and channel strategies, and operating restructures.

Neglect leadership at the expense of growth

Brett Morris blogs about the risk of neglecting your leadership role, and the impact this could have on business growth. "When no one is truly leading the business (thinking about innovating, adapting to change, looking for growth), it's in a state called active inertia... and it's a dangerous spot for any business to be in."

Managers: Can you pick the gorillas from the monkeys?

Brett Morris blogs about whether or not you should take on your employees problems. "Where do you draw the line? Sometimes you might find yourself facing a big monkey, or a small gorilla. Do you take those problems on?"

Adapt or suffer – managing change is an everyday reality!

Brett Morris blogs about managing change as your business grows. "Shifting responsibility to a dedicated change agent alone doesn't work. Yes, they can know the ins and outs of change management, but they don't have one of the most crucial qualities for change initiatives to succeed."

Confronting a great “dilemma”: Is trust earned or given?

Brett Morris delves into a question asked by many managers and employers - should trust be earned, or given? "In establishing a relationship with a new employee or team, should managers/leaders place their trust in them? Or should they withhold that trust and expect that the employee/team earn it from them?"

How managers can avoid contracting Management OCD

Managers must learn how to distance themselves from being problem solvers and instead as problem finders and givers, Brett Morris blogs. "Popularly, these voracious problem finders are known as micromanagers. But because of the obsessive compulsive traits they display, we like to say that they’re suffering from Management OCD."

Emotional roadblocks that undermine management’s purpose

Brett Morris blogs about how managers can create a business that's able to function and prosper in their absence. "Central to making this work, practically and effectively, is ensuring that when employees are faced with a problem, we don't allow them to simply 'handball' their problems up to us."

All effective management is one-on-one

Brett Morris blogs about the most effective means of managing employees. "In a frenetic business environment, managers are easily pulled every which way. Couple this time pressure with a lack of management maturity and too often managers fall into the fatal trap of attempting to manage their people as a group."

Don’t manage a zoo, stop taking people’s monkeys!

Many managers find themselves under enormous time pressure. Why? Too often it's because they're doing their job... and that of many others!

When to pull up poor management performance

When dealing with poorly performing employees, we train managers how to 'catch it early' or else condone it. In other words, managers must confront poor performance at its first signs.

How financial stress can weaken a manager

Brett Morris blogs how management can often act emotionally at times of financial instability, and how this impacts staff. "When your finances aren't stable, it's easy to lose sight of priorities and act against the best interests of your team and the business."

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