Edward Mallett

Edward Mallett is MD of Employsure.

Greater IR flexibility will help take our economy off life support

The Morrison Government is right to be pressing for the industrial relations changes that have been so critical to keeping people in work through...

Blame, claims and the rise of litigation culture

Australian business has long had the millstone of workers’ compensation claims around its neck.

All change, no difference: Opinion

Kevin ’13 doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? I suspect that the lack of a neat catch phrase won’t be his biggest problem.

Work fresher rather than longer

The culture of working to excess has fallen out of favour with many employers. The new theory is that people increase productivity by working fresher rather than longer.

How to get the best from your staff

Employees are a business’s greatest asset, but this is only true when you are getting the best out of them. If not, they are just a cost - eating away at your bottom line.

Why you should turn to employees for new ideas

The days of leaving your staff to do the work whilst you have a power lunch are over. Listening to employees is the new shouting at them. How else would you get the best out of Gen Y, who treat authority with the same sort of disdain as the rest of us treat a bad smell?

How and why to set KPIs

Staff who are challenged with clear goals are logically going to be more motivated and satisfied. Learn how to set effective KPIs.

New strategies for reducing workplace sickies

Aussie employers lose around $41 billion in wages each year as a result of unproductive employees, according to research, but the tricks to reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity in your workplace may not be as obvious as you think.

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