Jeremy Cabral

Jeremy Cabral is the Publisher of credit card comparison website CreditCardFinder. His mission is to make a remarkable credit card comparison that Australians share with their friends, colleague and family. Jeremy just about ‘lives’ on the internet - you connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Choosing a bank? Consider this first

One of the biggest decisions any small business owner faces is choosing which institution will handle their business banking requirements. If you're struggling to make this decision, consider these 8 important aspects.

What credit card reforms will mean for your cashflow

The laws around how credit cards work have changed. As of 1 July, amendments were made to an important bill - welcome changes for small business owners who are struggling to keep on top of their credit card debt. Here's a look at what they will mean for your cashflow.

Squeezing business benefits from Frequent Flyer Points: How to

It’s nice to enjoy a few perks when you have a successful business, and a Platinum credit card can help you treat yourself to the little luxuries you work so hard for. It is important to consider though, if those treats eat into your profits, especially during a time when every dollar counts.

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