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Lost documents costing businesses thousands

Australian businesses spend more than 20 hours per week on average looking for lost documents, a new survey has found.

St.George launches iPhone app for home buyers

St. George Bank has joined the ranks of companies looking to capitalise on the power of the iPhone by launching a home loan calculator app for prospective home buyers.

Kraft devours Cadbury in takeover

After months of unsuccessful negotiations, US food giant Kraft has finally tasted victory, successfully winning its takeover bid of British chocolate bar maker Cadbury.

Internet boost for 50,000 small businesses

More than 50,000 small businesses are set to benefit from Federal Government funding which is designed to help them go online or upgrade their business website. The...

Maternity leave key to workplace productivity

Improving maternity leave arrangements will play a key role in lifting workplace productivity and encouraging more women to participate in the workforce, according the...

Aussies do their bit for climate change

Residents in Australia’s eastern states are doing their bit for climate change by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, a new report has found.

SMEs feel the love from their lenders

A new survey has revealed a jump in support for lenders from their business clients, with 77 percent of Australian private businesses claiming they...

Aussie businesses face further cash flow issues

Australian firms face the prospect of renewed cash flow pressures in the months ahead, according to the latest business-to-business trade payments figures released today...

Survey reveals rich don’t pay enough tax

Many Australians believe the rich don’t pay enough tax, according to a survey conducted by think tank Per Capita. As the Federal Government considers the...

Interest rates tipped to hit six percent in 2010

Analysts are predicting official interest rates may hit six percent by the end of 2010 as the economy continues to grow. TD Securities senior strategist...

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Why government must increase digital focus in small business sector

One year into the pandemic, it’s clear that real opportunity lies in more carefully targeting financial support. We need to see more mutual partnerships where governments reward small businesses that take active steps to help themselves.

Letting everyone work from home forever isn’t good for teamwork

While there are indeed benefits with remote work, making it the ONLY option can be a bad thing to do for most organisations and teams.

Eftpos announces national QR code payments rollout

Debit card provider eftpos unveiled its plans for a national QR code payments network in Australia which is set to commence trial mid-year.

Australian media code becomes law as Facebook and Google make deals

The News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code has officially been cleared by the federal government...

It’s time to put data science and engineering in the hands of the business

As the volume of business data available has grown exponentially, a new discipline has evolved. There is now a better way...

The Aussie Facebook rival app enjoying growth following the news ban debacle

Australian community and digital payments hybrid app LITT has experienced a surge in its user base following Facebook's decision to ban news content in the country last Thursday the 18th of February.

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