Jules Brooke

Jules Brooke is one of the founders and Directors of DIY PR website Handle Your Own PR. She is a passionate entrepreneur with lots on the go. Jules’ background in sales, advertising and graphic design led her along a windy road to becoming a small business owner. She loves helping others get their business in the media.

Old-school PR: it’s role in the social media era

  As people become more familiar with social media, they can use this ‘free’ form of marketing to generate awareness for their business. I put...

Boost crowdfunding with traditional PR

If you have a great product or business idea, an option for raising funds to take it to the next level, or to go...

8 media pitch tips from a journalist

Read on for some brilliant tips from a journalist on how to get your media pitch heard and published.

8 media pitch tips from a journalist

Getting some media attention for your business is invaluable, but it can be a difficult and sometimes demoralising process. Use these 8 tips from a journalist to make your next pitch a successful one.

Mastering the PR pitch follow-up

You've got a media list, have written a release and begun pitching your story to the media. What's next? The follow up - a contentious issue for many in the media. Here's how to follow up on your pitch without alienating journalists and editors.

Making your pitch to the media count

You've kicked off your DIY publicity campaign, and you’ve written a killer media release and have your media list ready to go. Now it's time to pitch your idea to the media, which is arguably the most important step in any PR campaign. Here are some ideas for ensuring your pitch catches the attention of the journalists you target.

How to write a killer media release

No PR campaign is complete without a well-written media release. Don't panic - even if writing isn't your thing, it doesn't need to be a difficult endeavour. Here's some simple advice to use when writing your next release.

How to find the right media contacts for a PR campaign

When you're about to start your own PR campaign, you need to ensure you contact the right media. This means finding out the media your target market reads, listens to or watches. It's basic - you have to identify exactly who you are speaking to, and where.

Six steps to running your own publicity campaign

It’s great to want to get publicity for your business, but where do you start? Well the first and most important thing you need to do is prepare. Here are six things what you need to have organised before you start approaching the media.

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