Julian Smith

Julian Smith is responsible for MYOB’s corporate affairs, government and public relations in Australia and New Zealand and is also New Zealand general manager. The qualified lawyer has spent much of his career at large multinationals in a range of senior legal, sales, marketing and customer management roles. Julian is a regular keynote speaker and business commentator and sits on a number of government and industry boards and advisory panels. Julian can be found on Twitter @JulianTSmith or contacted via email [email protected]

Why these clouds aren’t bringing stormy weather

Julian Smith blogs about what the cloud will mean for small businesses. "It will also herald the changing of our relationships with our business advisors, such as our accountant. With cloud technology, they can access our data and our records in real time, in turn, being able to provide real time support and advice..."

A look at the online marketplace

Julian Smith blogs about how the online marketplace is impacting the take-up of new technology. "Consumers are more receptive to purchasing low risk, inexpensive items online (such as music or e-books), and it will take time for people to become comfortable with the notion of buying expensive products.."

Optimistic outlook for Aussie start-ups

Julian Smith blogs about the many opportunities available to Australian start-ups. "Did you know that Australia is quickly becoming an entrepreneurial paradise? After steady declines in 2008 and 2010, Australian entrepreneurial activities have returned to the pre-economic crisis levels of 2007."

Online the key to a merry little Christmas

Julian Smith blogs about getting your business online to get the most out of the Christmas sales season. "With only 66 sleeps to go, I’m urging all SME retailers to get on board, and get online. If you’re not trading online, you’re missing a huge chunk of the market…"

Don’t just get online, get noticed

Julian Smith blogs about ensuring your business gets the attention it deserves online. "Did you know that you have just ten seconds to grab someone’s attention with your website? That’s the amount of time psychologists estimate it takes a consumer to form an impression of a website, and decide whether they’re going to stick around, or go to the next result in their Google search."

Do we really need another new gadget?

Julian Smith blogs about whether we're investing in too many gadgets. "Imagine the improvement to the bottom line of many SME’s if we cut back the unnecessary spending? And gadgets are a very easy way to start."

Do you have the guts to sell your idea?

Julian Smith blogs about how important it is for small business owners to be passionate. "I’ve always been of the belief that jumping off that cliff into a world where a salary isn’t guaranteed and the hours are long is the most daunting part of starting your own business. It never occurred to me that sharing your idea - or on a grander scale, sharing your dream - is pretty terrifying as well."

Fill your business with volunteers!

Julian Smith blogs about the benefits of employing "volunteers" in your business. "Employees become volunteers once they are inspired, motivated and truly believe in the organization they work for. They are passionate brand advocates. Their positive interactions with customers reinforce your company’s image."

Why every business needs a bigger piggy bank

Julian Smith blogs about how vital it is for a business to have money in the bank. "While Aussie businesses are definitely starting to get the right attitude, we’ve got a lot of ground to make up. Post GFC, the average small business owner is saving $1.27 for every dollar spent – but there are still many who don’t have any savings to fall back on at all."

Networking is king

Julian Smith blogs about the importance of face-to-face networking in the business world. "Glancing around the convention... it reminded me of the one downside of the rise of the online revolution. The loss of face-to-face interaction. We’re getting better at tweeting and worse at networking."

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