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Kenneth Ti is an Associate Solicitor with Phang Legal ( He has a background in financial services and insurance, and is focused on commercial and intellectual property matters. Kenneth is a strong believer in small business, the community, and pro bono work. Follow Kenneth Ti at @kennethti and Phang Legal at @phanglegal.

How to manage legal risks when your business has a website

If you manage or run a website you should consider any legal implications and risks that may arise from users accessing and using your website. The type and purpose of a website affects the types of issues and risks that need to be managed.

Business names and trade marks – What they mean for your business

In New South Wales, the Business Names Act 2002 makes it compulsory for you to register a business name if you have been conducting business under a name other than your own name or your company’s name.

DC Comics has no sense of humour for Superwog creator

Following a number of viral and successful YouTube parody videos, Theodore Saidden, creator of “Superwog”, decided to take things to the next level and capitalise on his success – by selling t-shirts.

Fairfax loses copyright court case over headlines: Legal analysis

The Federal Court has recently handed down a landmark decision and has decided that copyright does not exist in newspaper headlines. This decision affects news aggregators or services that summarise the work of others for distribution to their readers.

What are my duties as a director of a company?

No matter the size of your company, if you are a director, you have a number of duties and responsibilities to both the company and the public.

Whiskas Purple and Trade Marks: A Case Study

Whiskas has for some time used a particular shade of purple in their packaging and marketing materials called “Whiskas Purple”, the company then sought to register the colour as a trade mark..

Trademarks in court: Barefoot Wines and Barefoot Radler

Gallo Winery is an American Company who owns the registered trade mark for a brand of wines called “BAREFOOT”. In 2008 Lion Nathan begun selling a light beer called “BAREFOOT RADLER”which Gallo Winery alleged infringed on its trademark..

Copyright Essentials: How not to break the law

Under what conditions can you re-print an article? Under what conditions can you re-produce an image or video? For business owners, bloggers, and people who use content to create new works, these are critical questions that need to be answered.

Starting a Business: Shareholders or Partnership Agreements?

Starting up a business can be challenging. A lot of entrepreneurs fall into the trap of not paying attention to matters that, if left unattended, may cause problems in the future.

Protecting your privacy in Australia : A Guide

Personal information and privacy is a concern for many people. In this modern day and age information is a valuable commodity and a company’s clientele database is arguably one of the most important assets to the company.

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