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Loryan Strant is a 16 year veteran of web and network technologies. His company Paradyne focuses on helping organisations of all types and sizes get into the cloud and Office 365. Loryan regularly blogs and writes articles about the cloud and has recently published a book on Office 365. He's passionate about enabling people and organisations using technology the right way, enabling them to become more productive. Loryan is a Microsoft Office 365 MVP (Most Valuable Professional), an award created by Microsoft to recognize the best and brightest from technological communities around the world. You can follow Loryan’s blog as well as follow him on Twitter @TheCloudMouth.

Data sovereignty starts with classification

Data sovereignty pertains to data storing, sending and processing restrictions outside national borders. Legally termed as "trans-border data flow" data sovereignty still remains to be one of the top concerns of SMBs hindering them to move their business to the cloud.

The case against cloud privacy

Should you be worried about what you put in the cloud? There are some security and privacy issues that you do need to be aware of. For the prospective adopters of cloud computing, binding laws such as the US Patriot Act have brought risks to the table that most businesses are simply not comfortable dealing with.

Why the Microsoft Surface is a tablet game changer

The tablet is almost as powerful as a laptop - it has almost all the features of our traditional computers, just in a slim frame. So why don't the current models allow users to have separate profiles? Enter, the Surface tablet.

3 signs you need to shift to the cloud

Moving to the cloud is not a question of why, but a question of when. Yes, there are many factors to consider before shifting your entire business to the cloud, but here are a few signs that your business should really start looking skyward.

Achieve balance by checking email just 4 times daily

Technology is well and truly taking over our ability to switch off. Winning back your work/life balance could be as simple as applying some rules around your use of technology though, and you can begin by putting a limit on how many times you check your email each day.

Why choosing the cloud isn’t just a technical decision

Choosing a cloud solution isn't just a technical decision anymore - it's becoming a strategic move for many SMBs, that's driven by business requirements and goals. Here's why business owners should look at the technology and envision how it can improve save costs, streamline operations and improve profitability

Is the cloud pushing business cards to extinction?

An ingenious French invention, the ritual of exchanging business cards has been a norm of business. But now the cloud has permeated almost all aspects of life, does it still make sense to still use the business card?

Decoding cloud computing “as a service” lingo

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - what does it all mean for small businesses? Loryan Strant is decoding the lingo around cloud computing, to help businesses decide which solution is right for them.

Paid cloud versus free services – what’s the difference?

Why pay for cloud services when giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft are offering space in the cloud for free? Loryan Strant looks at the pros and cons of using free cloud services.

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