Lynette Jensen

Lynette Jensen is fascinated by the junction of work and life, and is committed to helping people achieve work-life balance through good career fit. She is a director and co-founder of business psychology practice Genesys Australia and writes a regular blog about the world of work and life.

Can you use constraints as fuel for innovation?

Psychology of Creativity researchers have found that constraints can actually make us more innovative. These constraints and limitations can be used to challenge us and fire our imagination - giving us the food we need to fuel our innovation.

Who’s listening to you on Facebook?

It's important that you and your employees know that what is said on Facebook is available in the public domain- it's not just a whinge to your friends.

6 ways to set goals like an Olympian

Not everyone can be an Olympic champion, but we can all learn from the athletes who are. Success in business is the same as success in sport, and it comes down to setting goals that will pave the way to achieving a personal best. Here's how to make it happen.

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