Michael Brooke

Michael Brooke is a former desk jockey who left the corporate world behind to start his own carpet cleaning business. He has a keen interest in the internet and online marketing and has a unique insight into what it takes to market a small business online.

The rise of online quoting websites: Seven tips to help small business owners close more leads

The recent rise of online quoting websites has been great for both customers and businesses. How can small business owners maximise the potential of...

5 essential marketing tasks for time poor SMBs

Time is a small business owner's most valuable asset, which means important things can be postponed indefinitely. Marketing is often one of the first things thrown in the too-hard basket but it doesn’t need to be time-consuming.

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Victoria claims title of Australia’s job capital as employment numbers surge

Victoria has claimed a post-lockdown victory with promising employment numbers that place the state ahead of the rest of Australia.

iOS 14 and increased privacy: What it means for your small business

The upcoming changes are a win for improving the privacy of social media users, but it will substantially change the world of marketing. It’s time to invest in other touchpoints...

Three ways to ensure your employees work safely from home

When a pandemic effects a revolution, by making remote work common, employers must re-think their approach. They have to answer this question: How do you ensure a safe place of work when that place is an employee’s home? Here are three practical suggestions.

Labor calls on federal government to ‘urgently’ develop national ransomware strategy as cyber attacks increase

Shadow Assistant Minister for Cybersecurity Tim Watts and Shadow Home Affairs Minister Kristina Keneally are calling on the federal government to develop a national ransomware strategy that will make Australian targets less appealing to cyber criminals.

The pandemic pivot: 5 ways coronavirus shifted HR priorities

With the ups and down during the pandemic, one thing remained clear for businesses: exceptional HR is not an optional extra – it’s a necessity.

Facebook Australia bans users and publishers from posting and sharing news

Facebook has made a major move in the back and forth with the Australian Government on the proposed Media Bargaining Law. It’s also a potentially dire step by the social media giant for the many Australian publishers that use the platform.

Victoria to end 5-day lockdown; businesses breathe sigh of relief

Some good news for Victorians as the State Government announces the ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown will officially be over from 11:59pm tonight, 17th February 2021.

Let’s Talk: The office vs. working from home?

Working from home is now a viable option for many businesses. So, this far into the pandemic, what do we think? Work office vs. Home? Let's talk...