Michelle Gamble

Michelle is the Chief Angel of Marketing Angels, an entrepreneur who has built Marketing Angels from the ground up over the past 10 years. Marketing Angels has grown into one of Australia’s leading marketing consultancies providing marketing education, advice and outsourced marketing management to business. Michelle claims she's a bit of marketing geek, having started her marketing career in telecommunications and online working for both Telstra and Optus before starting Marketing Angels. Michelle is also a busy mother to 3 children, and lives in Manly NSW.

Six ways to get customers to love your business

Read on for some great lessons in how to improve customer loyalty.

When ambush marketing goes wrong

Here's a great lesson from July 4 on why not all publicity is good publicity.

The do’s and don’ts of good brand storytelling

Through brand storytelling, a business can communicate directly to its target audience with stories told through website copy, blogs, online articles, emails and social media - so you'll want to get it right. Here some important do's and don'ts when telling the story of your business.

The pros and cons of celebrity endorsements

The outcry surrounding the controversial comments made by Alan Jones about Julia Gillard’s father had effects that were far reaching across the Australian business landscape. The saga also delivered a valuable lesson to any business owner who's thinking about bringing on a celebrity to endorse their product or service.

How to turn web visitors into paying customers

If you run a website, you probably know how many visitors it receives each year. But do you know how many of these visitors actually go on to buy your products or services? Learn how to convert traffic into customers with these tips.

Why you should discount discounting

For many years, price discounting has formed the marketing plan of countless businesses. But it is increasingly becoming a tactic that polarises marketers, as many believe it's an ineffective promotion vehicle. Here are 4 reasons you should discount discounting.

The marketing benefits of a mobile optimised website

If a potential customer typed your web address into their smartphone or tablet, do you know how your site would appear? Too many people don't, which makes for a lot of poorly optimised websites. Here's how to ensure your site is made for viewing on a screen of any size.

When ambush marketing goes wrong

A PR stunt by the CEO of Energy Watch during the final episode of The Block has proven that not all publicity is good publicity. It was a classic case of failed ambush marketing, rendering an attempt at publicity pointless. Here’s why.

Five lessons from successful Mummy bloggers

Mummy blogging is big business in the US, with over four million American mums logging on to blog. While not all bloggers make money, there are some important digital marketing lessons every small business can take away from this online trend.

Six ways to get customers to love your business

Customer loyalty is all about attracting the right customer, getting them to buy often and deliver you even more customers. These six tips will help you make customers feel attached to your business, and see them deliver the benefits of engagement.

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