Oddy Tedjasurja

Oddy Tedjasurja is currently working for WordCentric, a copywriting firm providing unique copy for 25 per page. He holds a Bachelor degree majoring in Marketing and Management from Monash University.

Should you bundle your product offerings?

Consumers have less and less time, so it only makes sense that you offer them easy decisions. Bundling your products could save them time and make you money. Here's how.

Why it pays to outsource

Why should small businesses look to outsourcing? First and foremost - there might be savings to be made and profits to be gained if you do. And second, no one's good at everything, so it pays to let the experts take care of some of the more challenging aspects of running a business.

Why it’s time to add Facebook as a friend

In 2010, Facebook passed Google in website traffic. This is an incredible achievement considering Google has had such rapid and fantastic growth in the history of the net. But should you jump into this global phenomenon?

Why good copywriting is a non-negotiable

Copywriting is a way of convincing potential customers to take a specific action, by capturing their attention and persuading them to respond in a certain way. Here are three areas where good copywriting is a non-negotiable for your business.

5 common market research mistakes to avoid

Market research is crucial to the success of a small business, but in order to implement a successful strategy you need to avoid making these five simple mistakes.

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