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Paul is a staff writer for Dynamic Business online.

Internet the weapon of choice for David battling Goliath

Small business owners are using the internet as their weapon of choice against large established retailers, with small start-up businesses to compete on an even playing field with the larger retailers who dominate the bricks and mortar market.

70 free seminars and workshops across Australia for small business

Small and medium enterprises around Australia are able to learn about the latest business management practices at more than 70 seminars and workshops funded by the Australian Government.

Yellow Brick Road launches “Small Business, Big Ideas” competition

Yellow Brick Road has announced today the company’s Small Business, Big Ideas competition in an effort to encourage entrepreneurs who are looking to turn their “big idea” into a successful business.

Australian wine industry rallies behind flood victims

Flood ravaged vineyards, some of which have lost their entire crops, have joined the Australian wine industry in an unprecedented show of generosity by the industry for victims of the floods.

1 million independent contractors get free handbook to help ‘get the contract right’

Australia’s one million independent contractors now have access to a free handbook from the Government to help ‘get the contract right’ at the start and avoid headaches down the track.

Truckside advertising entrepreneurs set to revolutionise the industry

Two of Perth’s youngest entrepreneurs 22 year old Paul Slee and 23 year old Lachlan Nally have launched an Australian - Truckside Ads - revolutionising the Australian outdoor advertising industry.

ICON Engineering wins $5.5 million Gorgon contract

ICON Engineering has won a $5.5 million contract from Chevron Australia for the Western Australian company to build a Compensated Tension Lift Frame (CTLF) for use during the upcoming drilling and completion programme for the Gorgon Project.

Executive women face serious ‘male’ health problems

While women are fighting for equality in the workplace and are taking on executive positions in the corporate world, there is a downside to their professional success and it comes in the form of serious health problems, once typically associated with men.

Many Brisbane businesses not expected to survive Queensland floods

Many businesses, especially primary producers, are not expected to survive the recent Queensland flood crisis, according to Brisbane Accountancy firm, elliotts.

Julia Ross resigns from the company she founded: Ross Human Directions

Julia Ross, the founder, Managing Director and Deputy Chairman of Ross Human Directions, has today tendered her resignation with the company consistent with the terms of the Takeover Bid Implementation Agreement with Chandler Macleod.

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