Phoebe Netto

Phoebe Netto is the Managing Director of Good Business Consulting, a business advisory specialising in marketing and public relations (PR) for small-to-medium sized businesses. Phoebe has lead PR and marketing programs for a diverse range of clients, from listed Australian companies, global brands, not-for-profits through to sole operators. She now takes these skills that are often reserved for big businesses, and uses them to help good small businesses grow and meet their objectives by retaining their customers and attracting new ones. Follow Phoebe on twitter for PR, marketing and small business advice, plus a little nonsense! @Phoebe_Netto

Tips for building good public relations-ships

Wanting to improve the relationship your small business has with public relations? Follow these five tips and take your PR activities to the next level.

Are you making your business unappealing?

Phoebe Netto blogs about protecting the perception of your business. "Your image and how you make others feel plays a big role in being approachable, trustworthy and likeable to clients and potential clients."

Whatever happened to manners and social skills?

Phoebe Netto blogs about the rising level of unprofessional communication and bad manners in business. "It also seems that unprofessional communication is on the rise, and this means that those who are professional have an advantage over their competitors..."

It’s not all about you

Phoebe Netto blogs about addressing your clients concerns and desires to attract leads and repeat business. "When a small business addresses the deepest concerns and desires of both its clients and potential clients, and makes them feel special, they will attract leads and repeat business."

Is marketing manipulative?

In part two of her blog series on whether marketing is manipulative, Phoebe Netto looks at how to ethically use three tools designed to trick or influence. "Get to know your ideal customer. The idea is not to convince them of something that they do not want or need. If you do that you're being manipulative and aren't likely to see repeat business or positive word-of-mouth."

Is marketing manipulative?

In the first part of her two-part blog series, Phoebe Netto looks at ethically using manipulative marketing tools to benefit your small business. "Marketing tools can be used in an unethical and manipulative way, & can also be used as an influential or attention-grabbing way for your business."

Should you offer discounts and freebies?

Phoebe Netto looks at the advantages and disadvantages of giving discounts and freebies in business. "Never give your core product/service away for free. Never, ever. Never! Do not offer a free version of what you sell."

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