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Rocheen is a junior reporter at Dynamic Business. She's a second year Journalism Major at UNSW and enjoys going to the cinema, reading, and wandering around craft and vintage markets.

Microsoft crowned as Australia’s best employer

Microsoft has been named the best employer in Australia and New Zealand in an annual index, thanks to its ongoing efforts to ensure employees feel valued.

Tips for keeping on top of your to-do list

Over half of Australians write daily to do-lists but only 8 percent complete them, according to a new survey. If this sounds like you, use these tips to get those tasks crossed off your to-do list

The entrepreneur making shipping easy for small businesses

Mark Helvadjian saw expensive shipping costs were holding local SMBs back from competing effectively, so he sold his house and threw all his cash into establishing, a platform designed to remove the hassles of shipping for small business.

How to put an end to employee boredom in the workplace

Many businesses could be seeing a decline in productivity, as boredom causes more and more employees to turn to non-work related activities to keep themselves entertained during work hours.

Garage Sale Trail founder talks sustainable business

The Garage Sale Trail began as a small part of Bondi festival two years ago with the aim of keeping waste off the sidewalks. Now a national event, co-founder Andrew Valder explains how he took it across the country, and reveals his next sustainable business plan.

Bad night’s sleep costing businesses $5b in lost revenue

Sleep deprivation is costing the Australian economy billions every year in lost productivity, according to a new sleep study.

From online to bricks and mortar: The local gift business bucking the online trend

While many businesses are shifting focus away from traditional retail and onto the online marketplace, Brisbane-based gift and homewares store Dandelyon is doing the opposite.

Facebook warns employers against asking for employee passwords

Facebook has threatened to take legal action against employers who demand current staff or prospective employees hand over passwords to their Facebook accounts.

Harmony Day kicks off to promote diversity in the workplace

Businesses around the country are celebrating Harmony Day today, an event designed to eliminate racial discrimination in the workplace and promote diversity by breaking down cultural barriers

Staying safe online: How to keep your business free from digital theft

Keeping valuable business data safe from theft is vital, especially as an increasing number of mobile technologies are incorporated into a small business' daily routine.

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How to build a peer support network

As a small business owner, you don’t always have the backup of formal social supports offered by larger employers. 

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American Express partners with Brisbane-based fintech Sniip

American Express has partnered with Sniip, an Australian mobile bill payments platform, allowing Sniip members to pay bills with AMEX.

Putting in the final touches: Contactile’s world-first tactile sensor

Some of the world’s most important advances in robotics are happening here in Australia. While interest and investment pour...

Supporting people experiencing mental ill-health on an ongoing basis

As a friend, family member or business colleague you can make an important contribution to someone’s recovery from mental ill-health.

Cultured meat trailblazer Vow raises US $6m of fresh funding

Aiming to not just outperform meat but replace it, Australian cultured meat company, Vow, has banked US$6 million of fresh funding.

Loan deferrals decrease as banks steer customers towards paying ‘as soon as possible’

Data released from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority shows that loan deferrals have decreased, as exits from deferrals outweigh new entries for...