Sharon Zeev Poole

Sharon Zeev Poole is Account Director at Agent99 Public Relations.

How millennials are using Instagram celebrity status to build multi-million dollar empires

Influencers continue to re-shape the media industry as an increasing number of businesses enlist them to fuel business growth and customer engagement. As the...

The 10 commandments of netiquette

Much like any face-to-face contact in business, how you compose an email speaks to your professionalism and personal image and should be handled attentively.

How to avoid being hung up on by media agencies

Sick of having the phone slammed down? Here are some tips for successfully following up with media agencies.

A hero’s fall from grace and what we’ve learned from it

A decade on, the world has watched on as Armstrong’s championship cycling career has been gutted by damning evidence alleging decades of performance enhancing drug use, resulting in a dramatic end to whom many viewed as a ‘hero’. Here's what every small business can learn from this PR debacle.

What to look for in a PR agency

So, you’ve decided it’s time to take your business, product or service to the next level and enlist the assistance of a PR company. But where to start? Fashion, tech, boutique or large and well known? This guide will help you make the right decision.

PR: The benefits of engaging an agency

Every smart brand understands the value of PR and how it influences their target audience to purchase. The downside of this is journalists and bloggers are inundated with more information then ever, making it tough for SMBs to get publicity. Enter, the PR agency and its ability to cut through this noise.

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