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Stephanie is the editor-at-large of Dynamic Business. Stephanie brings with her a passion for journalism, business, and new ideas. On her days off, you might find her reading a book on the beach.

Niche property site set to go national

The unimaginative among us may lament that 'all the good ideas are taken'. For young Melbourne entrepreneurs Jordan Catalano and Tom Hywood, that notion is ridiculous.

Former corporate finds niche in handmade resurgence

Between the demise of the Yellow Pages and the growth of mass-produced ‘cookie cutter’ furniture – it was only a matter of time before a backlash started.

The new iPhone 6, here we go again…

The impending release of the iPhone 6 (still over a week away) has already attracted disciples out the front of Sydney’s Apple store.

The rules of engagement are not want you think

A recent report from professional social networking site LinkedIn, Talent Trends 2014, found a shocking 85 per cent of employees are either actively looking for another job or are open to speaking with a recruiter.

Cambridge University unpacks business impacts of climate change

A Cambridge-backed briefing series on the implications of climate change for business is a useful resource for companies wanting to plan for the future.

Majority of businesses supported SG increase

Surprise survey results from one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds has found that the majority of businesses supported the increase to the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) rate, including 14 per cent who strongly supported the rise.

Australia Post next-day delivery to cost extra

Australia Post is seeking to charge customers extra to deliver letters within a designated time, such as the next day.

Social enterprise making a splash

Go back not all that long ago, and the concept of paying $3+ for a small plastic bottle of water would have prompted gasps at the sheer audacity of such a ‘product’.

ASIC ramps up surveillance targeting false declarations

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has announced it is ramping up its surveillance program aimed at weeding out illegal phoenix operators.

Gender pay gap is the elephant in the room

Quite frequently I notice a single theme seems to dominate the week. This week – undoubtedly – it’s feminism.

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