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Tas is a journalist at Dynamic Business. She has a passion for visual and performance arts, feminist politics, and animal rights. In her spare time she likes to paint, write poetry, and read courtroom drama novels.

SMBs to take the hit from SG levy increase

The financial burden will fall on small business owners when the first of seven annual increases to the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) levy comes into force in 1 July, 2013.

Entrepreneur disrupts the radio industry

In true entrepreneur form, an everyday annoyance blossomed into one of the best loved digital radio applications around.

The entrepreneur transforming corporate life

After spending almost 10 years in corporate HR feeling unhappy and overworked, entrepreneur Kelly Fischl resigned and forged her own path in business taking HR to a brand new level.

The entrepreneur delivering gifts to your Malebox

It all started when Dimitri Kontopos and his twin brother Harry were rummaging through the garage, when they realised how great it would be if men had stylish boxes to put all their manly accessories in.

Entrepreneur Sarah Riegelhuth shows us the money

It was through observing her father in action that award-winning entrepreneur, Sarah Riegelhuth, discovered her passion for finance. She has since enjoyed the successful launch of her business, Wealth Enhancers, which caters to the needs of young high-income earners moving fast in their wealth creation journey.

The entrepreneur taking the hard work out of bookkeeping

Silicon Valley alumnus, Tim Reed, spent 10 years in the U.S. working in a variety of online and B2B software companies before he decided to head back home to Australia and join the MYOB team.

Virtual Wardrobe brings the digital experience to stores

Virtual signage integrator, Prendi, has responded to the ever-challenging consumer landscape with their new product - The Virtual Wardrobe - helping retailers bring some of that online shopping experience into their store.

The entrepreneur in business for the bubs

After noticing how vigilant new mothers are about staying at home and sticking to a routine with their newborns, granpreneur Roseanne Bertoncini decided to create an online business to make life easier for them.

SMBs to save on energy bills with new app

Online energy provider, Click Energy, recently launched an application to help households and SMBs to monitor their electricity usage and avoid bill shock.

The entrepreneur bringing brands to life

From London to Sydney, experiential marketing expert, Meredith Cranmer, has directed successful campaigns in both sides of the world.

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