Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang is the co-founder of SavvySME, an innovative social platform for Australian small and medium businesses to find the help they need to grow their business. Wendy specialises in online marketing and ecommerce to help businesses embrace the internet.

5 ways to improve your support network

It's very easy to forget that you can't do it all as a business owner, and this stubborn mentality could do you more harm than good in the long-term. If your support network could do with a bit of an upgrade, consider these 5 simple ideas.

Too busy for Facebook? 3 tips to end social creep

The reality is that social is a hard space to get right, but it is free to get started. This makes for a lot of frustrated businesses that end up spending more time on social media than they'd anticipated - let’s call this social creep. Here's how to end it.

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Supporting people experiencing mental ill-health on an ongoing basis

As a friend, family member or business colleague you can make an important contribution to someone’s recovery from mental ill-health.

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Democrats control US Senate with historic Georgia runoff wins

Democrats will control the US Senate under Joe Biden’s presidency, advancing the Biden administration’s ability to pursue their legislative agenda in both...

‘Critical’ reforms needed for Australia’s National Electricity Market

Australia’s electricity supply security is the “most critical issue at present”, the 2020 Health of the National Electricity Market report reveals. 

How to be Cyber Secure in the era of Digital Darwinism

2020 was an unhinged year for businesses on many levels, particularly in the cyber department. CrowdStrike observed an increase in eCrime activity...