• August 19 2014 Value of a working dog quantified

    A team from the University of Sydney veterinary school has managed to calculate the return on investment of working dogs on farms.

  • August 8 2014 Voluntary supermarket code of conduct won’t work: Farmers

    The agricultural industry and farmer groups don’t believe the proposed voluntary Food and Grocery Code of Conduct will be enough to protect their interests against the might of the supermarket duopoly.

  • August 5 2014 ATO to target rorting wine producers

    Wine producers will be instructed on tax compliance amid an ATO crackdown on rorters exploiting a tax loophole to claim rebates of up to $500,000. The Winemakers Federation of Australia and wine law firm Finlaysons will be travelling to wine making regions around the country to inform wine makers on how to avoid making the Read More…

  • July 31 2014 Churning demand for locally made organic butter

    A group of 23 organic dairy farmers in Victoria are having such great success with their locally made butter they have been able to double production in under a year since launching.

  • July 30 2014 City to country disconnect, but times are a changin’

    City folk are seen as total aliens to those in the country, and vice versa. But I suspect change is afoot, and it’s happening the only way we city-folk understand: it’s becoming cool.

  • July 29 2014 Positive outlook for Tassie wine industry

    The Australian wine industry has not been without difficulties in recent years. But Tasmania has increasingly been attracting investment from some of the sector’s major players.

  • July 25 2014 Farming got oh-so-fashionable

    There’s change afoot. No longer is farming and farm culture seen by city dwellers as the work of yokels; in fact, it has become the height of fashion.

  • July 22 2014 Australia’s agricultural population ‘comparatively young’

    A new study has confirmed the number of young farmers entering a life on the land is falling.

  • July 22 2014 Farmers tempted to sneak in outside produce at markets

    Growth in the farmers’ market model has seen the introduction of new safeguards and strict quality assurance mechanisms in South Australia.

  • July 1 2014 Small business winners and losers this winter

    As temperatures plummet across the eastern seaboard, retailers and businesses relying on winter trade are finally receiving the cool turn they’ve eagerly been awaiting.

  • June 27 2014 Carving a point of difference in crowded coconut market

    It’s an ‘it’ product in certain circles, and just like any other type of beverage, there’s the good, the bad, and the just plain cheap n’ nasty.

  • June 24 2014 Woolworths in murky territory over “voluntary levy”

    Woolworths’ use of a “voluntary levy” to help fund its marketing campaign featuring celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been labeled as “very unusual” by a leading competition lawyer.

  • June 23 2014 Exploitation claims send Ombudsman to Bundaberg

    A team of workplace inspectors is in Bundaberg today to respond to allegations of exploitation of foreign workers on Queensland farms.

  • June 18 2014 Cheap honey products might be corn syrup

    The honey market in Australia is going through one of its toughest periods. A shortage of honey has pushed up prices, leading some companies to import produce from overseas in order to sell more cheaply on supermarket shelves. But the trend has caused confusion in the market with some imported produce being deceptively labeled. Consumers Read More…

  • May 29 2014 Poached: Egg cartel plans scrambled

    The competition watchdog is attempting to smash open an alleged egg cartel, claiming farmers in the $1.7bn industry were encouraged to manipulate profits by artificially decreasing supply.