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Mumpreneurs receiving $1 million from QLD budget

Grants of up to $5,000 are being made available to home-based entrepreneurs in Queensland thanks to a commitment put forward in the Government’s Queensland budget.

Starting up? 5 big questions to ask yourself before you do

Kind words can perhaps unintentionally disarm an entrepreneur into believing that it is obvious they will succeed. So before you turn your great idea into a business, there are some tough questions you need to ask yourself.

How to PR yourself and your brand in the Digital Age

Whether accidental and social or driven and professional, your digital presence (or lack of it) is there for your customers, staff and prospects to see. If your digital brand is lacking or not clearly visible, your competitors will notice and fill the gap.

We don’t need another hero: playing it safe in your small business

For all of the well-known entrepreneurs, there are many who take too great a risk, only to fade into insignificance, never to be heard of again.

The 5 deadly investor sins entrepreneurs make when meeting with investors

Traditionally deadly sins have come as a neat package of seven, however, entrepreneurs appear to be more readily tempted by what we will call the “five deadly sins for entrepreneurs”.

The five personal qualities of all successful online entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered why someone with a great idea can turn it into a billion-dollar business, whilst someone with exactly the same idea (and resources) runs it into the ground? Clearly, it’s all about the person behind the idea.

Entrepreneurs! Why you need to invest in yourself to succeed

Drive and determination is what makes many entrepreneurs successful, but as well as being your greatest strength, it can also be your greatest weakness.

Entrepreneurial leadership: Building good culture in a hyper-kinetic world

From Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Ghandi to Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey; qualities of leaders have inspired us to pursue our dreams and achieve greatness.

The US and us – what can we learn?

Earlier this month I was in San Francisco and New York. This was my first trip to the US as an angel investor and in spite of hearing all about how different and dynamic the market is compared to Australia I was still amazed.

The habits of successful people

The secret to success may be simpler than you think. Sleep well, eat healthy, learn to be an effective time manager and stay engaged.

Learning to code is not what you think

There’s a misnomer that haunts many adults. Not having learned the skill of playing an instrument as a kid, or learning a language, or riding a bike, or whatever it may be, precludes us from doing so as adults.

How local collaboration can help your small business grow

For many small businesses, it’s only by joining forces that you can achieve economies of scale and have a voice that’s loud enough to be heard over the big guys.

Boom or bust, but Seniorpreneurs are going gangbusters

'Seniorpreneurs' are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship, and considered by experts and researchers as the next boom.

Universities to host world-first business challenge at G20

A consortium of three Brisbane universities are set to host a Global Business Challenge (G20 GBC), which gives away more than $100,000 in prize money and is a cornerstone event in the G20 program.

Why nice girls fail in business

The dilemma is whether to be the nice girl, aka: the pushover, or the character from Devil Wears Prada.

Do you have a pre-determined career path?

Why are some people destined to be involved in startups, and other people destined to become CEOs of large conglomerates?

Three ways to make procrastination your new best friend

Procrastination: we all do it. Students excel at it, and many of us think it’s the enemy.

“Back in my day”: Cross-generational mentoring, necessary?

It’s almost a rite of passage, that every generation laments the demise and failings of the next.

Communication specialist shares hope for bad bosses

Most bosses do not know how to communicate because they were not formally trained in communication skills.

Five not-so-obvious traits of a great marketer

Marketing involves collaboration and in order to be effective, a marketer needs to be able to work as well in a team as they can autonomously.