• July 16 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Control and Deliver

    Week 4 of Citrix’s Business Bootcamp is all about taking full control of your cloud-ready, mobile workforce When you stop to think about it, the simple purpose of IT is to provide tools which allow us to work faster and smarter, and that help us achieve our business goals. By moving your business to the Read More…

  • July 15 2015 The app economy powering small business

    We’re moving away from the days when we could have completely separate and siloed systems for the different areas of our business – like accounting, operations, online and in-store. The future is all about connectivity.

  • July 10 2015 What tech experts are saying about the future

    Those at the forefront of their industries often offer unique insights into what will become popular trends in the years to come. While no prediction is concrete in nature, it does help us get a better picture of where the world is heading and what our lives will be like as we use technology even more.

  • July 8 2015 Maximising value from the IT budget to achieve better business outcomes

    It has never been more vital than now for IT professionals to identify ways that can help the company as a whole make more intelligent business decisions. Importantly, they need to determine the best allocation of resources by gaining a better view of their IT and whether they are truly achieving value for the organisation.

  • July 8 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Re-Think the Way Your Business Works

    If IT isn’t your area of expertise, Citrix understands that re-thinking the way you operate can be a daunting process. What data should you host, what market offerings are the best, and how can you be sure that your corporate information will be safe in this new environment?

  • June 30 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: The Golden Age for SMBs

    Have you ever stopped to think what it was like being an SMB just a decade ago? For some of you, this scenario might even have been a reality.

  • June 25 2015 SMEs and the Global Cyber-highway

    “Just as you would insure your company car to protect against unforeseen events while driving on the road, so too should you insure your business against unforeseen events on the global cyber-highway.”

  • June 24 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Technology 101

    When it comes to technology, how confident are you that you have the right tools and knowledge to unlock your business potential? Are you well versed in technology buzzwords, or do you find yourself scratching your head at the notion the cloud is now so much more than just something in the sky?

  • June 22 2015 The changing face of media in the digital world

    With a plethora of technologies available, we are undeniably in the best era to boost the media industry so that we can inform the world in the best manner.

  • June 9 2015 Attack of the living dead: Zombie Apps threatening the enterprise

    It might not be a horror film, but zombies are everywhere, just not in the way they’re portrayed in the movies or on television.

  • April 30 2015 2cloudnine finds the tools for business growth

    The need for scalable technology to drive collaboration and communication has become a key factor in business growth, allowing SMEs to compete on a scale that was previously unreachable without the equivalent recourses.

  • April 8 2015 The tools driving flexible work environments

    A highly mobile workforce and their drive towards ad hoc, instant collaboration in addition to scheduled meetings has led to new ways of collaborating within and across organisations.

  • February 16 2015 Vertical Collaboration: The end of wasteful meetings

    Around 3 hours every week is lost in attending meetings, which amounts to an average of 5 ½ days every year. This is per employee, so the accumulated reduction in productivity would undoubtedly be very high for larger businesses.

  • May 27 2014 Android devices becoming more BYOD-friendly

    Internet giant Google has purchased New York based startup Divide, a cloud-based mobile device management platform that has been touted to solve BYOD dilemmas for android users.

  • January 16 2014 New gadgets spell BYOD headache

    Armed with brand new personal devices, many employees expect to use their smart-gadgets at work with full connectivity.