• July 30 2015 Free Windows upgrade prompts security concerns

    Those operating Windows 7 and Windows 8 will soon be offered a free upgrade to Microsoft’s most recent operating system, Windows 10. Sounds good, but should users jump in with both feet? A new feature called Wi-Fi Sense included as part of the new operating system will allow your PC to automatically connect to Wi-Fi Read More…

  • July 29 2015 Australian businesses under growing threat from cyber crime

    Australian businesses are under a growing threat from cyber crime according to the first ever unclassified cyber security threat report. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) released the Australian Cyber Security Centre Threat Report 2015 with the aim of achieving a more ‘cyber secure’ Australia. The report warns that businesses must implement cyber security measures Read More…

  • July 27 2015 Securing your digital identity among the internet of everything

    Internet of Everything (IoE) has become a generic term used to describe introducing connectivity and intelligence to pretty much any inanimate object you can think of in order to give it added functionality – everything from a slow-cooker that connects to the internet, to connected cars, to a smart bed that monitors sleep patterns! Smart Read More…

  • July 23 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Seven Steps to Security Success

    Week 5 of Citrix’s Business Bootcamp will empower you to build a secure IT environment without compromising workforce mobility As you move to the cloud and rollout your subsequent enterprise mobility strategy, there is one critical area you must not overlook – IT security. Enabling employees to access data and work on the move from Read More…

  • July 14 2015 Cybercrime threats facing SMBs in Australia

    The most common threats are targeted attacks. These include spear-phishing emails, exploit of unpatched systems or software and crypto-ransomware attacks. However, part of the challenge with SMBs is awareness.

  • July 8 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Re-Think the Way Your Business Works

    If IT isn’t your area of expertise, Citrix understands that re-thinking the way you operate can be a daunting process. What data should you host, what market offerings are the best, and how can you be sure that your corporate information will be safe in this new environment?

  • June 29 2015 The value of being encrypted

    With high profile security breaches such as the iCloud and Sony hacks hitting the headlines last year, the concern for the security of our own personal information and sensitive data continues to mount as we await the next high profile attack.

  • June 25 2015 SMEs and the Global Cyber-highway

    “Just as you would insure your company car to protect against unforeseen events while driving on the road, so too should you insure your business against unforeseen events on the global cyber-highway.”

  • June 24 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Technology 101

    When it comes to technology, how confident are you that you have the right tools and knowledge to unlock your business potential? Are you well versed in technology buzzwords, or do you find yourself scratching your head at the notion the cloud is now so much more than just something in the sky?

  • June 23 2015 Senate approves site blocking in bid to tackle piracy

    In a big move to crack down on piracy, the Senate has passed legislation that will see infringing websites blocked in Australia.

  • June 9 2015 Attack of the living dead: Zombie Apps threatening the enterprise

    It might not be a horror film, but zombies are everywhere, just not in the way they’re portrayed in the movies or on television.

  • June 4 2015 From stock to staff – 5 ways to keep your business safe

    Prone to losses from shoplifting, burglary and internal theft, keeping your stock and staff safe within your business should be top priority.

  • May 21 2015 High number of Indigenous Australians lose to scammers

    Approximately one third of Indigenous Australians that were targeted by scammers went on to lose money, a figure that more than doubles the amount of non-Indigenous consumers.

  • May 19 2015 Dallas Buyers Club case: iiNet to offer free legal services as details handover date approaches

    iiNet will have to hand over customer information as a result of legal action taken by DBC and Voltage Pictures, and they’ve decided to offer pro-bono legal services to support alleged infringers.

  • May 12 2015 Budget: Telcos & ISPs to receive $131 million to retain metadata

    The Abbott Government is to provide telecommunication companies and internet service providers with $131 million in order to help cover the cost of storing customer metadata over the next two years.

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