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Making social media work for SMEs

In today’s super-connected, always-on era, businesses of almost any size can reach markets and customers beyond their borders with unprecedented ease.

Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Technology 101

When it comes to technology, how confident are you that you have the right tools and knowledge to unlock your business potential? Are you well versed in technology buzzwords, or do you find yourself scratching your head at the notion the cloud is now so much more than just something in the sky?

The changing face of media in the digital world

With a plethora of technologies available, we are undeniably in the best era to boost the media industry so that we can inform the world in the best manner.

Time-saving social media templates: What to know & how to use

The upkeep of your company's social media can make or break a brand, keeping audiences aware of your existence and garnering further interest.

Small data: The evolution of engagement

The proliferation of channels available to connect with consumers and the ability to access rich data about them creates huge opportunities for marketers to engage and create brand loyalty.

App makes it easier to delete regrettable social media posts

Offensive and inconsiderate social media posts could be the reason your job application ends up feeling the wrath of that delete button.This is the focus of Clear, a new app designed to target inappropriate social media posts.

LinkedIn targets content sharing with Elevate

Business social media giant LinkedIn has unveiled Elevate, a new product that aims to make it easier for companies and their employees to curate content.

Pinterest making apps discoverable

Bookmarking service Pinterest has added a feature that allows users to share apps and even download them from within the service.

How to maximise the business value of IT

As technologies move on the Technology Hype Cycle, IT leaders have to make the right investment choices and make their companies truly digital. It is only then that they can integrate IT to business objectives.

New research quantifies the value of a social media post

Attempting to calculate the return on investment of a social media post is no easy task. Furthermore, in a contest between Facebook and Twitter, which platform bears the most fruit?

Free Google tool designed for small business

Google has launched its new tool designed for small business – Google My Business – a one-stop shop that brings together Search, Maps and Google+ in one place.

SMEs not ready for PIN payment switch

Most Australian SMEs are not prepared for the switch to chip and PIN based card payments according to new research commissioned by PayPal Australia.

Company chiefs must ride “digital disruption” rollercoaster

Businesses must adapt to the new wave of so-called “digital disruption” sweeping the economic landscape or risk extinction. This is the dire warning from senior...

Harnessing the power of social media

Businesses are coming up with more creative ways to harness the power of social media platforms and engage with consumers as they promote their brand.

Why good content matters on Facebook

Nick Bowditch, Facebook’s Head of SMB, shares five tips on how to produce successful content online.

How to increase your engagement on Facebook

Reach out to the people you already know, says Nick Bowditch, Facebook’s Head of SMB.

Service with a social media smile

In the last year, a growing number of businesses have started placing social media communication in the hands of customer service staff, rather than marketing personnel, with promising results.

Social media lessons from ASOS

Their story is one of undeniable success. Originally founded in 2000, ASOS has grown to become one of the most powerful online fashion and beauty retailers in the world.

Budget friendly ways to boost your traffic

Online marketing is an ongoing process that requires regular time and effort, and fortunately you don’t need to be an SEO guru to improve your website traffic.

Get involved in Victoria’s Small Business Festival

Victoria's Small Business Festival will soon kick off for the entire month of August, and includes a series of events, which cover current business trends and issues, as well as relevant solutions and tips.