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  • April 18 2019 Advice for young wanna-be entrepreneurs from Peta Shulman

    When Peta Shulam was only 25 when she came up with the simple concept of sampling health foods. Her passion for finding these products led to her creating the largest health food sampling service in Australia, GoodnessMe Box, where for just $25 her clients can sample 7-10 full sized products, allowing those products to be Read More…

  • April 3 2019 Let’s Talk: The X Factor

    Today we’re discussing customer retention and what businesses need to do to in order to achieve the so-called “X Factor” with their audiences. Customer experience is becoming increasingly important as the ability to share positive or negative reviews online is so easy in today’s digital age – and it can be very damaging to a Read More…

  • October 22 2015 It’s all about networking physically, not digitally

    The digital age has given us a lot to be thankful for. With the ability to transfer information freely and quickly, we have never been better connected with information, resources and people. It’s easy – with only a few touches of a keypad, we need not speak, travel or put on our best corporate attire Read More…

  • October 14 2015 The effects test: What are the effects?

    Today, over 20 small business association leaders are convening at Parliament House to make their case for the adoption of the hotly debated effects test into Australian competition law. Put simply, the effects test, proposed by the Harper competition review, seeks to amend section 46 of the Competition and Consumer Act by targeting business behaviour that Read More…

  • October 7 2015 Flexible working arrangements: It’s a balancing act

    Equipped with the company laptop, wifi dongle and remote network access – working from home (WFH) was once considered a special arrangement of convenience or necessity. Now, we are no longer at the mercy of the IT department’s bureaucracy with a handful of accessible technologies we treat as a given. Comprised of home wifi, laptops, Read More…

  • September 30 2015 Customer service: Investing in a personal approach

    “Please place item in the bagging area” – you place the item – the command repeats. You lift and replace the item – “please place item in the bagging area” – you turn for help and there’s no one there. “We regret to advise that your imminent flight has been cancelled [therefore ruining your long Read More…

  • April 29 2015 Navigating business in an uncertain economic climate

    Every business is a boat on the economic seas. Although bigger boats have a better chance of riding out storms, the small ones can have as much of a chance if navigation is mapped out with care.

  • April 22 2015 Look outside your office to help your business

    Since when does working hard solely mean one should be cooped up in their office, chained to that desk and computer, focused like crazy on the business at hand?

  • April 15 2015 Is it time to review that business plan?

    Too many businesses have written up their business plan and dusted their hands. Full steam ahead, right? Yes, but make sure it’s only to the next stop.

  • April 8 2015 Bosses: Cap your pay

    While it’s true that the hard work we’ve put in to get our business off the ground warrants monetary appreciation, it’s important to find that limit of self-pay that stops you from eating into the business itself.

  • April 1 2015 Chasing finance: Keep it real

    The search for that much-needed dough to kick-start a business plan into fruition can prove to be a difficult and stressful task, with many business owners making detrimental choices out of desperation.

  • March 25 2015 Business emails: Legal matters (Part 2)

    Legal ramifications associated with emailed correspondence are often overlooked, but the growing instances in which emails are used to drive legal disputes suggest we should be paying more attention.

  • March 18 2015 Business emails: Legal matters (Part 1)

    As emails fly back and forth between your business and clients, partners, friends and family, it’s easy to forget one thing: emails are often used as evidence in legal proceedings.

  • March 11 2015 ASIC: Ensure you remain compliant

    ASIC is a necessary body to have, ensuring companies are kept in line and consumers, investors and creditors are protected, but it’s the compliance aspects that can easily catch businesses out.

  • March 4 2015 Personal Property Security: It’s in the Ts & Cs

    The potential benefits with the PPSA are indeed obvious, but, as with anything relating to assets and property, the devil can be in the details.

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