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Tackling food wastage from the root

The NSW Government has awarded a grant to the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) in order to make food sustainability part of the curriculum for those entering the food industry.

Disfigured food wastage staggeringly high

The figures are startling: some $10 billion of fresh Australian produce ends up in the bin because it is 'too ugly' to sell.

Social enterprise making a splash

Go back not all that long ago, and the concept of paying $3+ for a small plastic bottle of water would have prompted gasps at the sheer audacity of such a ‘product’.

‘Doing the right thing’ – fringe to mainstream

Being the emotion-driven person that I am, it’s always more fun to debate the big issues of politics and economics with someone who brings a different perspective, and so my brother makes a perfect sparring partner.

Repair cafés lead change to throwaway culture

Thanks to mass production and offshore cheap manufacturing, it’s seemingly easier, quicker, and cheaper to just replace the item, rather than seek a repair.

SMEs battered by energy prices

Small businesses in NSW are paying the highest electricity bills in Australia when compared with other states, despite operators spending more time searching for the best possible deal.

How to reinvigorate your business in 2014-15

One of the keys to shake-up your business in the new financial year is to keep your records up to date. Doing this increases...

Make sustainability count for your small business

With big businesses embracing sustainability as a fundamental business strategy, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are left to wonder if and how sustainability fits into their business model.

Doing business with Africa: Potential and challenge

A fascinating, colourful place with a promising future and considerable potential, yet daunting for many exporters, I'll give a brief snapshot on Africa and some pointers on doing business there as a basic guide for those who are just starting.

Kiwi entrepreneur taking on the chemical internationals

If using entirely plant-based ingredients in his products means Malcolm Rands is labelled a hippie, then that's a label he's ok with.

Does going green make small businesses see red?

Here’s my give tips as to how small business can go green (from start-up).

SMEs: Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2014

Victoria's sustainable business innovators have two weeks until entries close for the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2014.

Australian law firms ill-prepared for the future

A new Australia-wide study has revealed Australian law firms are ill prepared for the challenges of the future – more than a third admit their business models are not fit for the demands of the years to come.

Shopping for shoes is a minefield

This week I’ve been rattled by two separate, but related, shopping experiences.

The purple berry that could: entrepreneur behind acai

In Aussie health food circles, acai is as mainstream as bread or butter. More than 15,000 kilometres away, for families in the Amazon, acai berries are precisely how they make a crust.

$10k business grant open to female entrepreneurs

A social and ethical investment organisation has launched a grant for women entrepreneurs valued at over $10,000.

A Fairtrade rose for thought

As the roses given and received on Valentine’s Day now wilt, one small business owner is casting the spotlight on the sustainability of an industry.

Melbourne business walking the talk

Nick Savaidis, owner and founder of Australian fashion and sportsgear label Etiko stands out as one of just two companies to achieve an A+ rating for the integrity of its supply chain.

Australian Made CEO says Toyota closure a wake-up call

The announcement that Toyota will phase out manufacturing in Australia is a critical reminder that consumers must consider the consequences of their buying decisions.

Free-range chicken edges closer to mainstream

Shifting consumer preferences for free-range chicken is making a real impact on what is being sold across Australia.