• April 17 2019 Federal Election is no Easter treat for Australia’s small business community

    Australia’s small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are bracing for a double whammy of disruption from the back-to-back Easter/Anzac Day public holidays coupled with a Federal election. 59% of SMEs say major political events such as elections have impacted their business in the past. 27% of SMEs expect the 2019 Easter/Anzac holiday period to negatively impact Read More…

  • November 30 2016 Australian small businesses must innovate to win

    Innovation: it’s a buzzword commonly heard in the realm of business, and for good reason. Entrepreneurs are encouraged by their mentors to innovate; the word appears in slogans and taglines across the web. So just what is innovation, and why is it so critical to the success of your small business? What is innovation? Most Read More…

  • August 4 2016 Excess inventory? Take stock and strategise

    When business inventory reaches the end of its product lifecycle or there’s no longer a demand for it, you need to find a way to get rid of it. Seems easy enough but companies that haven’t planned stocked replenishment properly are often stuck with large quantities of excess or outdated business stock. Also known as obsolete stock, excess Read More…

  • June 30 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: The Golden Age for SMBs

    Have you ever stopped to think what it was like being an SMB just a decade ago? For some of you, this scenario might even have been a reality.

  • October 28 2014 SMBs wasting $608 million per year on paper

    A new survey has shown that despite the rise in the use of technology, Australian SMBs are collectively spending an estimated $608 million on paper a year.

  • September 19 2014 Tackling food wastage from the root

    The NSW Government has awarded a grant to the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) in order to make food sustainability part of the curriculum for those entering the food industry.

  • September 18 2014 Disfigured food wastage staggeringly high

    The figures are startling: some $10 billion of fresh Australian produce ends up in the bin because it is ‘too ugly’ to sell.

  • September 5 2014 Social enterprise making a splash

    Go back not all that long ago, and the concept of paying $3+ for a small plastic bottle of water would have prompted gasps at the sheer audacity of such a ‘product’.

  • August 27 2014 ‘Doing the right thing’ – fringe to mainstream

    Being the emotion-driven person that I am, it’s always more fun to debate the big issues of politics and economics with someone who brings a different perspective, and so my brother makes a perfect sparring partner.

  • July 17 2014 Repair cafés lead change to throwaway culture

    Thanks to mass production and offshore cheap manufacturing, it’s seemingly easier, quicker, and cheaper to just replace the item, rather than seek a repair.

  • July 1 2014 SMEs battered by energy prices

    Small businesses in NSW are paying the highest electricity bills in Australia when compared with other states, despite operators spending more time searching for the best possible deal.

  • June 25 2014 How to reinvigorate your business in 2014-15

    One of the keys to shake-up your business in the new financial year is to keep your records up to date. Doing this increases your business’ value, provides easier access to finance and allows a better insight into how you are performing. Business policy advisor at CPA Australia, Gavan Ord, told Dynamic Business that too Read More…

  • June 23 2014 Make sustainability count for your small business

    With big businesses embracing sustainability as a fundamental business strategy, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are left to wonder if and how sustainability fits into their business model.

  • June 10 2014 Doing business with Africa: Potential and challenge

    A fascinating, colourful place with a promising future and considerable potential, yet daunting for many exporters, I’ll give a brief snapshot on Africa and some pointers on doing business there as a basic guide for those who are just starting.

  • June 6 2014 Kiwi entrepreneur taking on the chemical internationals

    If using entirely plant-based ingredients in his products means Malcolm Rands is labelled a hippie, then that’s a label he’s ok with.