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2015’s smartwatch intention comparable to 2008’s smartphone intention

New research has found similarities between the number of Aussies who said they intended to buy a smartwatch earlier this year and the number of Aussies who said they were going to buy a smartphone in 2008.

Australian businesses can order Microsoft Surface Hub from July

The giant tech company aims for the large-screen device to be a big mover in the business market, pushing the hardware out with Windows 10, Skype for Business, Office, OneNote, and Universal Windows to drive productivity.

Marketing automation tools for small businesses – Are they really worth the investment?

The current crop of marketing automation tools was a luxury affordable only to larger organisations, but it’s now possible for small businesses to share a slice of the pie as well.

On cloud nine: 9 arguments for the cloud

While there are many benefits that can be gleaned via the use of cloud, here are nine core arguments that can certainly help convince key decision-makers to make the transition.

Windows 10 will be available from July 29

If you have Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, a free upgrade to Windows 10 is all yours.

Google taking on Apple Pay with Android Pay

The latest service from the tech giant puts it directly in competition with services such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Snapchat raises value to $US16 billion after fundraising wave

Video messaging application Snapchat looks to have made the right decision turning down Facebook’s attempt to acquire them for $US3 billion in 2013...

Google Photos offering unlimited free storage

The new service will allow you to store unlimited high quality photos (maintaining resolution up to 16MP) and videos (keeping 1080p high definition quality) – for free.

Netflix Australia overcharges customers multiple times

Some Australian customers have been charged multiple times by streaming giant Netflix, with at least one customer reporting being charged for the service up to 11 times.

Google will test their self-driving cars out on the road

Google’s fully self-driving vehicle will be leaving the company’s testing facilities and hitting the open road.

Small data: The evolution of engagement

The proliferation of channels available to connect with consumers and the ability to access rich data about them creates huge opportunities for marketers to engage and create brand loyalty.

Net neutrality questioned as Facebook opens Internet.org platform

As it opens up its new Internet.org platform to developers, social media giant Facebook is coming under fire with claims it is compromising the components of net neutrality.

2015: The rise of impersonators

The infrastructure that holds the internet provides access to about 3 Billion users. So it's absurd that, when it comes to website hits, billions of humans are beaten by another, larger, community.

For the love of the game: Young entrepreneur targets gaming networks

GAMURS, a social network aimed at the gaming market, has just secured half a million dollars in seed funding. Almost 4,000 members are already using the public beta, and the young man behind the company is only 19.

Augmented reality: Microsoft releases videos of HoloLens in action

Believe it, Microsoft's augmented reality tech is on its way, and they're tying it with Windows 10 to boot.

2cloudnine finds the tools for business growth

The need for scalable technology to drive collaboration and communication has become a key factor in business growth, allowing SMEs to compete on a scale that was previously unreachable without the equivalent recourses.

Apple Watch: Big early sales, mixed reviews

The Apple Watch may be officially be available from April 24, but droves are already exhausting early orders.

Xiaomi earns Guinness Record for selling most smartphones in one day

The world of smartphones is being disrupted by Xiaomi, a Chinese company that has managed to break the record for the most smartphones sold on one platform – in a single day.

7 essential security measures for businesses in 2015

While many focus on utilising a bundle of security solutions in hope of finding a ‘silver bullet’ to fix its security woes, many forget the basics.

The tools driving flexible work environments

A highly mobile workforce and their drive towards ad hoc, instant collaboration in addition to scheduled meetings has led to new ways of collaborating within and across organisations.