Machine learning is becoming commonplace

Machine learning may sound like an extremely complicated high-tech concept, and that’s probably because it is. Big data analytics has become all the rage...

A two-step approach for SMBs to combat zero day threats

New security breaches are uncovered almost daily – any one of which can jeopardise your company, place your intellectual property at risk, and cause...

Six tips to help improve the SEO of your E-commerce site

As a marketer, one of your goals is to increase sales by bringing in more revenue. You want site traffic that is high in quantity, but also in quality – you need it to convert.

Telstra responds to Netflix Speed Index

Yesterday streaming service Netflix released its first Netflix ISP Speed Index taking into account Australian and New Zealand providers, and Telstra has a thing or two to point out.

Netflix reveals Australia’s fastest internet provider

Streaming service Netflix has released their first index naming Australia's fastest Internet Service Providers, and guess who's come out on top.

Small data: The evolution of engagement

The proliferation of channels available to connect with consumers and the ability to access rich data about them creates huge opportunities for marketers to engage and create brand loyalty.

Is your business ready for the next phase of digital marketing?

The development of a me-centric culture means that marketing information, products and services are increasingly tailored to the individual, but not everyone is comfortable with their information being used in this way.

The future of Cloud Computing and its impact on small business

What started out as an experimental technology has quickly grown into its own industry with a large variety of providers each offering their services and products to a growing customer base.

What skill is most essential for a web developer?

Most people have a general idea of what it takes to be a web developer, but which skill is most essential to the profession? The answer might surprise you.

Net neutrality questioned as Facebook opens Internet.org platform

As it opens up its new Internet.org platform to developers, social media giant Facebook is coming under fire with claims it is compromising the components of net neutrality.

Small Business: Stop ignoring WordPress security

There’s a perception among SMBs that security on WordPress is a non-issue. That needs to change. They’re putting themselves at risk – many don’t even know it.

2015: The rise of impersonators

The infrastructure that holds the internet provides access to about 3 Billion users. So it's absurd that, when it comes to website hits, billions of humans are beaten by another, larger, community.

Google’s sneaky update that could hurt your business

As per usual, Google has snuck in a few other changes. In this case, it has made multiple changes to the way Google Maps search results appear.

Getting started with digital marketing

Finding the time to create and implement a marketing strategy can be a challenge, but you shouldn’t have to take up all your time, or break the bank to get high levels of digital engagement.

7 essential security measures for businesses in 2015

While many focus on utilising a bundle of security solutions in hope of finding a ‘silver bullet’ to fix its security woes, many forget the basics.

Why legal policies are a must for your website

While the eCommerce boom shows no signs of slowing down, it’s important that businesses understand the importance of a legal infrastructure behind their website.

Protecting your small business’ information security

A data breach can result in millions of dollars in losses, it is theerefore critical for small business owners to understand how to protect their valuable assets from information security threats.

What every e-commerce manager should know

If you are managing or running an e-commerce business there are a few essential things you need to know if you want to stay current and growing in a very crowded marketplace.

Hitting ‘delete’ doesn’t mean it’s gone

Formatting a drive remains one of the most common ways organisations try to erase data from drives, even though it doesn't work.

Clauses to watch for in a shareholder agreement

If you run a company, no matter how big or small, your company shareholders agreement will be the most important legal document you’re likely to deal with.