Employment Legislation
  • July 5 2012 LAFHA changes: What they mean for SMBs

    As of 1 October, the provision of a Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) will be treated as income to employees and businesses will need to assess entitlements and employment terms and conditions under the new rules. Here’s what you need to know about managing the allowance.

  • July 4 2012 IR: What’s next for enterprise bargaining?

    As with most IR topics, enterprise bargaining has taken its fair share of beatings. Employer groups continue to call for tighter controls and unions call for loosening of the chains. But what will the next era hold for this contentious industrial relations issue?

  • July 3 2012 A look at the seven pillars of workplace safety

    All SMBs should integrate workplace safety into business management systems, practice prevention rather than reaction and show commitment from owners to the process. Use the seven pillars of safety as a guideline to making this happen in your business.

  • July 2 2012 Minimum wage rises, employers warned to comply

    The national minimum wage rose yesterday, following on from a Fair Work decision last month to boost the pay packets of the country’s lowest paid workers.

  • June 29 2012 Employing foreign workers: What you need to know

    So, you’ve heard about Gina Rinehart’s deal to bring 1715 temporary foreign construction workers to her Roy Hill mine, but what do you know about your own ability to employ foreign workers? You may be surprised to learn that you don’t need to be a mining magnate to access highly skilled foreign workers.

  • June 14 2012 Are there workplace monsters lurking in your business?

    We’ve all encountered a workplace monster. They’re not always easy to spot as their behaviour isn’t clear in the beginning – as many a monster befriends their target, lures them into their web and then starts their attack when it’s least expected. If the bullying monster is rife in your workplace, use these tips to stamp it out.

  • May 28 2012 Employers at risk from state differences in protected grounds of discrimination

    Cross-state employers who aren’t aware of protected grounds of discrimination across the various states and territories risk facing legal action from terminated employees, as well as brand and reputation damage.

  • May 21 2012 Don’t discriminate: What you need to know about discrimination and equal opportunity laws

    Discrimination and equal opportunity laws apply in all parts of Australia, putting the onus on employers to make workplaces free of discrimination, including sexual harassment. How up to date are you on amendments made to the legislation last year? Here’s what every employer needs to know.

  • May 14 2012 New Workplace Health and Safety Laws – are you compliant?

    Important new Workplace Health and Safety Laws commenced around Australia on 1 January 2012, and now almost six months on, businesses should take another look at the legislation and ensure they’re complying or risk fines of up to $3 million.

  • May 11 2012 How to manage requests for flexible working arrangements

    As flexible working becomes a reality for many businesses around the country, SMB owners should know their legal position in regard to employee requests for changes in work arrangements.

  • April 13 2012 Managing mental health: why it should matter to businesses

    Awareness of mental illness may have increased, but Australian businesses are still failing to recognise and manage mental health risk in the workplace, according to new research.

  • March 28 2012 How employee background checks protect your business

    With safety and security an ongoing concern, businesses need to be increasingly savvy to protect themselves and their customers from potential threats. Pre-screening of employees is a vital first step many miss.

  • March 27 2012 The journey to gender equality in Australian workplaces

    In this opinion piece, Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency director Helen Conway looks at the slow progress being made toward achieving gender parity, but points to landmarks this year that look set to make a difference – including new legislation.

  • March 26 2012 Is there a policy for managing office romances?

    It makes sense for SMBs to develop rules of engagement, rather than attempting to outlaw relationships at work altogether. Here’s some tips from UNSW’s Business School for managing office romances and having a policy in place.

  • March 15 2012 New WHS legislation – is your business ready?

    Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws are undergoing their biggest overhaul in a generation with the introduction of nationally harmonised legislation in 2012. Here’s what you need to do to get your business ready.

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