$400,000 NSW Investing in Women grants up for grabs

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By Loren Webb

Organisations with projects that empower NSW women and improve their wellbeing can now apply for a share of $400,000 from the NSW Government.

Minister for Women, Bronwyn Taylor invited organisations across the State to apply for the funding under the latest round of Investing in Women grants.

“As the new Minister for Women in NSW, I am thrilled to oversee initiatives that advance economic and social equality in NSW,” Ms Taylor said.

“The Investing in Women funding program empowers women across the State to participate and achieve in a range of areas and works to remove disadvantage that women still unfortunately face.

“We are looking to fund a range of innovative projects, which can be anything from creating employment opportunities in male-dominated industries, improving access to women’s health information, to engaging more women in sports and recreation,” Ms Taylor said.

The NSW Government is calling for applications for projects that either:

  • Improve women’s financial wellbeing or employment opportunities
  • Promote and support a holistic approach to women’s health, or
  • Support women’s engagement in the community or other social networks.

On Saturday Ms Taylor attended the graduation of students from a program in South West Sydney that received funding in 2018. The program devised by CORE Community Services aligns students with a mentor to guide them in leadership, social and workplace skills. They built a social network with like-minded women and businesses.

Since 2013, the NSW Government has provided over $1.4 million under the Investing in Women funding program to enhance women’s economic opportunities and leadership in NSW.

Leadership training for female farmers, STEM workshops for young girls and career mentoring for regional women were among some of the projects previously funded through the program.

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