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ACCAN releases digital business kit

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has released a free Digital Ready Digital Business Kit with the aim of helping small business and not-for-profit organisations better cope in the digital economy.

The ACCAN unveiled the kit and the DigitalReady.org.au website today, targeting the Arts, Recreation and Education services sector.

“Small business stands to greatly benefit from digital technology,” said Peter Strong, Executive Director, Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA), launching the kit at the 2014 ACCAN National Conference. “The ACCAN Digital Ready Digital Business Kit is a tremendously useful education initiative for Australian small businesses.”

The kit, available online now, features 6 modules to help small business and not-for-profits take advantage of the digital environment. Topics covered include: getting connected to fast broadband, determining an online strategy, using social media, using the cloud, online registration, eCommerce and telework.

ACCAN Chief Executive, Teresa Corbin, said that the team had ‘researched the sector thoroughly to target the kit appropriately.’

“The kit is free for anyone to access and is available now. Organisations can access it through our DigitalReady.org.au website and can complete the modules at their own pace,” Corbin said. “It will encourage small businesses to become connected and take advantage of the digital economy.”

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