Australia Post hints fed up with daily deliveries

In its annual online survey, Australia Post asked customers whether they would be willing to pay an annual fee in order to have mail delivered daily, or switch to tri-weekly deliveries.

The fee suggested in the survey was $30, and welfare and business groups have been quick to slam the introduction of any such fee.

Yet in a statement to the ABC, Australia Post said survey questions did not indicate what may or may not be implemented in the future.

“We recognise our customers’ needs are changing, and every year we ask customers about service preference through surveys,” the statement said.

“We understand how important it is to give the community a say on the services of Australia Post.”

In recent years, the national postal carrier has incurred multi-million losses alongside the demise of traditional deliveries. However, to an extent this has been offset by the rise in online shopping.

  • Thomas

    Point for above is thanks to the weaknesses, the governments have been selling Australia out. Who owns Australia’s top brands? Foreigners. Who owns Australian properties and lands? Foreigners. Australian innovation as mentioned before isn’t much even compared to emerging countries-1 of the reasons why automotive manufacturing got busted and others are somehow surviving. Technical skills even amongst management way behind the rest of the world as shown under the articles mentioned before. Education low amongst locals – again mentioned before. Australia is being SOLD for free sadly.

    In 10 years’ time, most jobs that exist today won’t exist due to the shifts in technologies. Technology and innovation are more important than relationship building though latter’s also needed. This has been going on for centuries. Taking self service revolution, that has been going on for a century at least via ATMs, retail sector, kiosks and so on even at airports, etc. Chef robots another example-already exists in China, Japan, etc. US manufacturing fell apart 30 years back but rose 10 years later and 1 of those firms is Intel-can be seen under ‘Made in USA’ under America Revealed under (there under Youtube). So, if need to survive, need to change and that includes businesses training people who have the skills within the country instead of all being outsourced (there are new migrants and migrants of the past who have the initial skills and/or qualifications, etc). All these mentioned before. US, India, Canada, UK, China, etc train their people including graduates and if they’re good, recruit them as well – technical and other areas (like,NIIT,etc). Australia not much.

  • Greg

    Australia Post keep cutting services, yet they keep increasing prices much more than inflation. For example Australia Post has increased the prices of PO Boxes 80% over inflation in the last ten years: