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Australian Made logo appeals to international consumers, research shows

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Research shows that products that use the Australian Made logo have an advantage in the international market, with 97 per cent of overseas consumers adopting a positive first impression of the logo.

Ben Lazzaro, CEO of Australian Made, said that the iconic green and gold kangaroo has provided an effective way for shoppers around the world to identify genuine Australian products for more than 34 years.

“The Australian Made logo makes a clear and instant connection to Australia. As Australia’s only registered country of origin certification trademark, the logo is the true mark of Aussie authenticity and is central to the export strategies of Aussie brands,” said Mr Lazzaro.

“We hope to further build on the logo’s strong overseas presence and reinforce Australia’s reputation for high-quality, clean, green products.”

Horizon Consumer Science research shows that 70 per cent of international consumers recognised the Australian made logo as the country of origin for products carrying the logo and 85 per cent trust that products bearing the logo are genuinely Australian.

“The presence of the Australian Made logo on Australian products captures the attention of international consumers and elicits the many positive qualities that they associate with Australia,” said Ian Cesa, Horizon Consumer Science CEO.

The research surveyed over 4000 international consumers across Canada, China, France, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States about the Australian made logo and Australian products.

It also found that the kangaroo logo on consumer-facing products increases the competitiveness of Australian products in the international market.

Nearly 60 per cent of international consumers prefer Australian brand products over similar imported products in skincare and makeup, vitamins and health products, food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, fashion accessories and fashion clothing.

Dr Cesa said the findings were extremely positive and highlighted the strength of the Australian Made logo in international markets.

“The presence of the Australian Made logo arouses consumers curiosity,” said Dr Cesa.

“In a shopping environment that is well stocked with products from other countries the presence of the Australian Made logo makes Australian brands and products stand out.”

The Australian made logo not only appeals to international consumers, but also has a strong domestic presence.

A recent Roy Morgan study found that 97 per cent of Australians associate products with the logo with safety and high-quality, 89 per cent associate it with the use of ethical labour and 78 per cent with sustainability.

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Shengyin Li
Shengyin Li is an intern journalist at Dynamic Business with a background in the corporate accounting and finance. She is interested in renewable energy, geopolitics and Asian economy