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Australian start-up introduces world-first, online behaviour tracking technology to market research industry

According to popular opinion, it’s not what you say, it’s what you do that is most important. And it’s a principle that appears to have a broad application according to a new Australian customer-insight start up that launched today.

When most of us think of ‘market research,’ we think of surveys, focus groups or even personal interviews, but for 30 year-old market researcher, Jordan Thomas, the things we say simply don’t go deep enough. Founded by Jordan and his two co-founding partners, Beehaviour is set to shake up the market research industry with its world first, online behaviour tracking technology.

Jordan said “after years of working across various market research sectors in both Australia and the UK, it became clear that there was a gap in the market that could only be filled by the creation of a new and wholly unique software platform.”

Beehaviour’s proprietary software allows market researchers and organisations to gather information about online consumer behaviour with an unprecedented ability to trigger pre-programmed questions before, during and after participants browse the web from within their natural environment. The questions will not only allow researchers to understand how and why metrics may change because of online behaviour but also where the target audience browses, when and for how long.

“It seems simple, but the question that we can now answer for organisations is ‘why?’ And by understanding the ‘why’ we’re able to provide unmatched insights into the online behaviour of our clients’ target markets,” said Jordan.

With this technology Jordan hopes that researchers will be able to form a deeper understanding of the motivational drivers for online behaviour which will subsequently influence web design, pricing and product development.

Having successfully tested the platform with one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, Tesco, Jordan believes that the software will lead to better products and services as well as improved customer experiences. According to Jordan, the trials enabled Tesco to gain valuable insights into the behaviour of students seeking jobs with the organisation. These insights were subsequently used to simplify Tesco’s homepage prior to their 2016 enrolments.

Daniel Jacobs
Daniel Jacobs was editor of Dynamic Business.