Give the gift of sustainability this Christmas

Featured | Sustainability

By Gina Baldassarre

Still stumped about what to get your loved ones this Christmas? An Aussie company has come up with the perfect present.

Eucalyptus oil company Bosisto’s is inviting Australians to give friends and family a newly planted eucalyptus tree in their name.

The recipient will get an educational pack showing how they’re helping the environment by reducing salinity and CO2 emissions, as well as information on the process of eucalyptus oil farming. They will also receive a customised plaque with a photo of their tree, all free.

Tegan Abbott of Bosisto’s said the initiative is a good way to give friends and family a thoughtful gift.

“We feel our exercise will help educate Australians on the importance of sustainable agriculture and other environmental issues,” Abbott said.

Bosisto’s is aiming to plant a million trees over 333 hectares, or the equivalent of planting a tree every metre along the Princes Highway from Melbourne to Sydney.

You can gift a tree here.

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