How to create a positive workplace

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By Gavin Culmsee

It’s well known that a happy workplace is more productive, but it’s far easier said than done. 

Especially for franchisors, it’s paramount to promote and foster passion for the company by encouraging all franchisees to take an active role in shaping the business. Here are a few tips on encouraging your staff to love your business as much as you do.

Foster good working relationships at all levels

The most important thing to keep in mind is that relationships are absolutely critical, a good relationship at all levels is vital in ensuring your team members enjoy their work. They stem from, and in turn encourage, employees who feel empowered in their role and engage in open and honest dialogue. Honesty gives employees the confidence to create the kind of team they want to be a part of and feel valued, helping tackle minor problems before they become major issues.

Encourage contribution from your employees

We have found one of the most effective ways to increase positivity amongst franchisees is to show that we value their input in key business decisions. We encourage our franchisees to join us on our overseas buying trips, providing a great opportunity to strengthen relationships between franchisees, senior executives and suppliers and helping to create a sense of ownership of Bedshed’s product range.

Instill a sense of responsibility in every member of your company

Ensure your employees understand the company’s goals so they can work towards achieving the same objectives. Although a franchisor-franchisee relationship might be a more direct example of this, it should be true of every company. Our buying trips work on multiple levels, showing the team the ways in which Bedshed is constantly striving to be an industry leader, instilling a passion to further that ambition in franchisees. A well-connected, respected and united group of franchisees are better placed to lead your business to success.

About the author

Gavin Culmsee is Chief Operating Officer of Bedshed, one of Australia’s largest specialist bedding and bedroom furniture franchises with a network of more than 30 stores across the country. A robust industry in Australia, franchising takes a lot of the risk out of starting your own business. Bedshed has grown steadily since it started in Western Australia in 1980 and is currently expanding on the eastern seaboard. Follow Bedshed on LinkedIn here.

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