Regulated investment fund provides an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency

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By Rebecca Thacker

INVESTORS now have an opportunity to indirectly invest in cryptocurrency assets following today’s launch of the Helio Secured Income Fund – a regulated Managed Investment Scheme with an Australian Financial Services Licence.

The new arm of Helio Lending is an Australian, unregistered, open-ended unit trust open to Wholesale Clients with a minimum investment of $50,000.

Managing Director and Founder of Helio Lending, John O’Shea, said the Fund’s management team had more than 100 years combined experience in the finance and financial services industry, and offers investors an opportunity to invest in a select range of income producing strategies.

“Helio Secured Income Fund is an exciting way for wholesale clients to expose their portfolios to cryptocurrency returns without having to worry about the asset’s high volatility,” he said.

“Investors are now able to indirectly invest in cryptocurrency assets while targeting a return of 9.75 per cent per annum, net of all fees.”

In 2017 alone, Australians bought $4 billion of cryptocurrency, and each day Australia averages transactions totaling $2.8 million in digital assets.

With an estimated $20 billion of untapped crypto assets in Australia, Helio Lending is pioneering the crypto-asset backed lending market, enabling the use of approved digital assets to borrow funds for consumer transactions such as, property and luxury goods.

Helio Lending and Helio Secured Income Fund welcome expressions of interests from all wholesale clients via their website

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