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By Gali Blacher

This week was a interesting week in small business news. A franchise CEO stepped down, an expert wrote about the importance of a story and we heard from a military duo who became entrepreneurs. 

Dynamic business chose the top snippets of the week.

Entrepreneur steps down as CEO of KX pilates 

KX Pilates founder Aaron Smith has stepped down from his position as Chief Executive Officer eight years after he founded the award-winning fitness franchise. Smith will continue to serve as the sole shareholder of the company and will play an important role in the overall brand direction of the company. Replacing Smith will be Selina Bridge, the former General Manager of Curves Oceania.

The types of stories that boost customer loyalty 

It seems every second business article is about storytelling these days. But which stories boost customer loyalty? And how do you go about collecting and developing those stories?

From military to entrepreneurship

Peter Liston and Matthew Moseley are business partners and worked side-by-side serving in Afghanistan as part of the Australian army. After hanging up their uniforms, both men found it very challenging to transition into corporate life and decided to have a go at entrepreneurship.

Enjoy the weekend!

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