The benefits of working from home

In times of economic uncertainty, workplace moral drops and stress increases. Employees become dissatisfied with their job and seek alternative career paths. New research commission by Citrix Online has found that a growing number of Australian workers are now willing to take a pay cut in order to be able to work from home, with many believing it provides a better work/life balance. So what are the benefits of working from home?

Making the transition from office to home
We all strive to have the perfect work/life balance. However there is a difference between wanting something, and actually going out and getting it. While one in five workers say they are willing to take a pay cut to work from home, will they actually take charge and do it? We all start working with the same goals in mind, to get money so we can live comfortably and to seek enjoyment in life. But if you are not actually enjoying work, then why not make a change for the better? In wealth creation and life in general there is a relationship between personal development and success. In such situations it is best to take a step back from your life and observe what your goals are. Why did you take that job or start that business in the first place? Let’s say you have worked hard all your live and did everything necessary to earn a living but you are still in a job that isn’t giving you any satisfaction. What do you do? Simple! Change your situation. Working from home can give you the freedom to do this.

Benefits of starting a home business
When you work from home you have the flexibility that office workers crave. You have the ability to be your own boss, to choose your own hours and take time off at your discretion. There is also the added bonus of having no office space to rent or staff to hire, minimal monthly overheads and all you need to start up is a computer and a phone. But mostly importantly, working from home can reduce stress levels and lead to a happier healthier you.

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today.

– Christine Hamilton is the founder of Ideal Home Business

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  • The 2 greatest challenges of working from home for me are: (1) not taking breaks – because there is little distraction you can easily work for 6 hours straight without taking a break (2) the loneliness. The best way to deal with those two issues, I have found, is to force yourself to take a break at lunch and go the gym. Good for you and the business.