December 7 is national ‘Work in the Nude’ day


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By Kylee Legge

Friday December 7 is national Work in the Nude day.

But what is the only work environment where you can wear your birthday suit to work? That’s right – the home office. Here’s why working at home is rapidly becoming more appealing to people looking for the ideal work/life balance.

Whether you’re looking for a change from the 9-5 drag by becoming your own boss or a physical business wanting to downsize to a virtual company of 1 by switching from staffing to outsourcing their operations, the desire for change is clear. People want the freedom of working when they feel like it, so they can have more family time and be there for their kids.

Those currently already working from home as a solo entrepreneur have been encouraged to take part in Australia’s inaugural ‘Work in the Nude’ day  by completing the following steps:

1. Strip down at home to highlight the freedom that can be found from running your own business – for those not as brave, wearing something you can’t traditional wear to work like a superman costume is acceptable

2. Spread the word by tweeting what you are doing and joining the Facebook group established for this special day

While this is the first Australian event, the day has been celebrated for many years in the US with participants supporting their charity of choice. The perfect combination however is combining the two. Whatever your charity of choice how can you support them with your time if you are too busy working your 9-5 job (with anything but 9-5 hours)? Similarly the additional income that can be generated by running your own solo business and keeping the profit of your labors (rather then returning them to your boss or paying them out to your staff) provides you with more deposable income to support your charity of choice – a win/win situation for all involved.

The catch however is not how your life or other people’s lives will benefit from making the plunge to solo entrepreneur but how to ensure you can maintain this lifestyle for the long term. ‘Work in the Nude’ on Friday 7th December is a wonderful way to showcase your business. It provides:

1. Advertising your business at no cost to you

2. Promoting your business using none of your time

Better yet, you’ll give neighbours something to talk about. Have fun!


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