Being a PR CLIENT for a change

Wow. Whoever would’ve thought when we launched our Dynamic Business magazine PR pitch competition that nine agencies would give us their ideas? Not me!

I’ve been so impressed with the sheer amount of work that must have gone into some of them. It was also interesting to compare nine different pitches in terms of their presentation, length, amount of detail, freshness of ideas and understanding of our product and what we’re trying to achieve with the relaunch.

You all know I’m not backwards in coming forward when it comes to slating bad PR. You hopefully also know that I champion good PR, and reading pitches for the relaunch of ‘my baby,’ was a very unique experience. For once, I’m looking at PR as the potential client, rather than the media.

I can’t reveal too much at this stage, but to give you an idea, we had pitches that varied from bullet points in the body of an email to extremely well-designed PDFs and Powerpoint presentations, the longest of which was 18 pages. Five were from NSW agencies, two from VIC and two from QLD. They ranged from the agency that didn’t know what our magazine was called despite it being spelled out repeatedly in the brief, to those that showed amazing insight and understanding of our publication and its readers. Overall, I was really, really impressed.

So a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to put the work into pitching. We’ve shortlisted down to two agencies, and I’ll be in contact with them by the end of the day for further clarification on some of their wonderful ideas!

It’s really very exciting…

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  • Jo

    Glad to hear about your positive PR experience Jen and you\’re right there are some amazing PR agencies out there doing great things. PR tends to cop a bit of flack so it would good for you to post your experience as a PR client so your readers can get more of an appreciation of what PR is.

  • I have every intention of sharing the experience with everyone, don’t worry 🙂