What are you afraid of? Linkedin is harmless

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The idea of networking is to grow your community, find support, build relationships and increase opportunity for business and this is still the same outcomes when networking online.

One of the most common questions I get asked after I give a presentation on netiquette is if they should accept LinkedIn requests from people they don’t know.

Um, sure…. Why not? I have never heard of anyone at a networking event be approached by someone they haven’t met before and step away and reverting back to their stranger danger lessons as a kid and saying loudly “I don’t know you! I don’t know you!”

LinkedIn is a brilliant way to connect with associates all over the world, not just those that may be in your local business groups. You can connect with like minded entrepreneurs, or people in companies that you wish to work with, speakers or consultants you want to learn more from or old colleagues to stay in touch.

Like most things in life you get a choice and you can choose who you connect with, of course stranger danger still does exist and especially online however this is a business setting and use it to your advantage and oh shock, your next opportunity may not come from someone you know right now as you read this article.

Go forth and connect, connect and grow, grow and prosper; never shy away from what you don’t know now, because your business world can be much bigger than your neighbours you already know.

Be a networking explorer.

  • I got a note from linkedin once that I had sent too many invites to people I didn’t know. That they had rejected my invite because they stated they didn’t know me. I was shocked. What’s the point of being on there if you just want to say hi to your Mom?
    Thank you for writing this article. I have heard you speak before at a finance industry annual conference and you were great and you mentioned on this topic to add more of an introduction to get through their own personality gatekeeper in them.
    I have brought this into my linkedin life and it made a huge difference, instead of just sending “you are friends.” I have a huge network know and got my new job through my network.
    Thanks Lady Danielle

  • I hope this article helps you be more comfortable to connect to a great network and opportunities.

    Connect with each other that you meet through the Dynamic Business community and hope to see you on there too: