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4 expert tips for conference speakers to calm those nerves

What does it take though, to be a great speaker? We delve into the secrets revealed by experts to a glitch-free event and how you can bring out the conference speaker in you.

Companies unprepared against reputation risk

A global survey has revealed that only 19 per cent of companies believe they are capable of managing reputation risks.

Coles hands trolley workers $220,000 in back-pay

Supermarket giant Coles has agreed to fork-out more than $200,000 in back-pay for ten trolley collectors, conceding its employment practices were vulnerable to exploitation and underpayment.

Business reviews going mobile

Consumer business reviews via mobile have increased by 25 per cent in 12 months, according to a TrueLocal data report released today.

Business must focus on product safety

The competition watchdog has initiated proceedings against supermarket giant Woolworths, alleging it mislead customers over the safety of a range of products including chairs, matches and deep fryers.

Curtains on fashion week, and bloggers rule

At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this past week, the designers were nervous, the models thin, and the lights bright.

Free-range chicken edges closer to mainstream

Shifting consumer preferences for free-range chicken is making a real impact on what is being sold across Australia.

Customer satisfaction levels dire in 10 key industries

Negative reviews are there for all to see, and can be a sure-fire turnoff for otherwise green customers.

Putting the bounce on bouncer tough guys

Social media and review websites mean consumer perception is more important than ever – a few negative tweets or Facebook posts can be enough to dent your brand image.

Taking the ‘work’ out of networking

The ‘pitch and thrust’ of the business card and handshake is on the decline in favour of a new, more genuine style of meeting and greeting. It’s called netweaving and it takes the ‘work’ out of networking.

Businesses shun local production despite benefits

New research has revealed just 20 per cent of Australian companies have a firm policy for buying Australian made goods wherever possible.

What to do after a negative online review

Word-of-mouth has long since been integral to business growth – but in the online-age, a negative review can reach hundreds in an instant.

One Aussie start-up to get big break

Cloud computing platform Rackspace is offering one Aussie start-up the chance to pitch its idea and win a trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Not made in Oz: Brand damage over false claims

An online ugg boot retailer has been left red-faced after an ACCC investigation revealed its ‘Made in Australia’ claims were totally false. Worse still, it also used the official Australian Made logo without authorisation.

The entrepreneur playing the PR game

After gaining experience in New York, the world capital of advertising, Adrian Falk returned to Australia to apply his knowledge to help Australian businesses make a name for themselves.

10 ways to get more bang for your PR buck

PR is often seen as a marketing luxury for bigger companies but there are many smaller PR agencies in Australia that can make PR an affordable marketing activity for small or fledgling businesses.

Top 5 ways to annoy the media

You might think that more is more when it comes to media coverage, but it’s not the case when it comes to contacting the media. Here are five things you should NEVER do.

SMBs giving back to the community

Most small businesses rely on their local community to get them started, and so are usually more than happy to give back. Here's on way that you can.

How to be a good client

So you’ve got an agency. You’ve finally found the budget, you’ve made your choice and the agency is all signed up and raring to go. Whether that agency is helping you with HR, PR, SEO or finance, there are ways to manage them to get the best value.

Seven ways to find your business’ stories

Gaining media coverage for your business is a great way to raise your brand awareness, communicate with your customers and promote your business.