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8 media pitch tips from a journalist

Read on for some brilliant tips from a journalist on how to get your media pitch heard and published.

A hero’s fall from grace and what we’ve learned from it

A decade on, the world has watched on as Armstrong’s championship cycling career has been gutted by damning evidence alleging decades of performance enhancing drug use, resulting in a dramatic end to whom many viewed as a ‘hero’. Here's what every small business can learn from this PR debacle.

Small fries better at service than big guys

Although customer service standards remain below par in Australia, consumers have rated small businesses better than big organisations at delivering a positive customer experience.

PR campaigns on a shoestring budget: How to

When it comes to marketing, you’re probably already using some of the more common tools—such as advertising—to raise your profile and engage with audiences. But PR is also an essential part of the marketing mix for any small business looking to achieve its business objectives and be a success.

Sourcebottle v Pressloft – which is best for small business?

We asked the two top DIY marketing services - Pressloft and Sourcebottle - to sell the benefits of their service to small business. Here's what they had to say...

Online influencers: Your most powerful advocates

Engage with the right online influencers and your business could begin seeing the success you've been dreaming of. These influencers need to be treated the same as any other valued, client or friend, so here's some advice for how to approach them.

Seven ways to make your customers feel special

Haven't bothered to take the time to learn about your customers? It could be costing you more than you imagine, so here's how to make your customers feel special (and hang onto their business).

The link between realistic client expectations and healthy business relationships

Setting realistic expectations early promotes healthy business relationships. It discourages clients from expecting too much of you and being disappointed when you can’t deliver and also gives you more chances to exceed their expectations, especially when your product or service has a lot of promise.