Making your CRM software work for you

Customer support button on computer screen

Your CRM software may seem simple, but it can be a critical tool for maintaining successful and productive relationships with your customers.

A poorly-maintained CRM program can hurt those relationships, whereas a program that’s optimised for your business can help be effective and efficient with customers and your business.

Keeping Customer Information

Your CRM or sales software is the main database in which you keep your customers’ information and all the details of your relationships.  It is your go-to place when a customer is on the line or in your office, so it needs to keep your information organised and easy to find. A cluttered program wastes your time and your customer’s patience, so keeping it clean is a great way to boost your customer service and efficiency.

  • For every customer who calls, be sure to go over the information you have with them to make sure it is all up-to-date and accurate. The worst thing you can do is receive a call from a customer’s new phone number and then call them back at the old number because you never updated their contact info.
  • Remove any obsolete or irrelevant data from your customer files. You don’t want to have to sift through old notations and comments in order to figure out what is or isn’t important when your customer is waiting on the other end of the line.
  • Remove former customers after a certain amount of time has passed. You can save that information to an archive or other separate file and preserve the demographic data – but you don’t need to clutter your database with anything irrelevant.

Making the Switch to Social

Your CRM software can integrate with your social media platforms through the use of plugins, software extensions, and software updates to make it easier to manage your customer relations.

  • Integrating your software can be beneficial by increasing customer loyalty and decreasing employee training times.
  • If a full social integration is too extensive or complicated for your current needs, remember to train your staff to manage your customer service manually on your social networks. Answering customer questions in a timely manner on social platforms can help brand impressions and makes for happy customers.

Automating Your Processes

If you automate your CRM software, your contacts can help you sell new products, procure new leads, and find loyal customers. Adding automation to your sales process can save your employees time and energy that they can put towards other things.

  • Automation can be incorporated as a part of lead generation, management, and quotes, as well as customer reports, client retention forms, and numerous other processes.

Your CRM software can help your business be more productive and efficient when it’s used effectively. Make sure it’s organised and easy to use, integrated into your social networks, and automated whenever possible to take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer.

  • Jade Starton

    The efficiency of sales CRM software is always improving, as technology and software continuously evolve. Having the right kind of software is always key, especially in industries that interact with customers and their information so much.

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  • Cloud hosted CRM is the next big thing for small business. Simple pricing model, no upgrade fees and hardware costs make the switch smart for business.

  • Great post! Not too long ago, using CRM software only made sense for large enterprises due to cost and complexity, but that’s no longer the case. The costs associated with CRM are within reach for all businesses. So is the hardware needed to use CRM. Even more, so are the reasons for using CRM. A tight economy has caused a need for efficiency and speed. And a good CRM can allow a small business to move faster than ever, never missing important information at the right time.

  • Excellent informative article and on target posts. CRM had indeed evolved from its early days, and will continue to change. The change in needed technology is driven by customer needs, and their clients. Keeping all the information centrally located is key. Having everyone on the same page and able to see all the important information will result in being able to handle any customer inquiries, more quickly and efficiently. As previously pointed out, cloud based software and the software’s ability to handle social media platforms will be essential.

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