• April 8 2019 How to choose the right person to run your business

    Business owners that are looking to take a step back from their business need to find the right person to run it, which can be a difficult task. To get it right, there are three key questions to ask, according to Andrew Laurie, entrepreneur, CEO and elite business coach.  Andrew Laurie said, “Business owners need Read More…

  • April 2 2019 Meet YQueue: the new competition for Uber Eats and Deliveroo

    A new food ordering app called YQueue is set to launch on the Gold Coast in May. The recent start up has seen a successful first launch in Singapore and now the founder George Lim looks to recreate that success in Australia. YQueue has been designed with the local food and beverage merchants in mind, Read More…

  • March 29 2019 LVLY Co-Founder Hannah Spilva discusses the biggest challenges entrepreneurial women face

    LVLY is an Australian start up that has become the Uber of gift giving since it was founded by Hannah Spilva and Verity Tuck only 4 years ago. In 2015, Hannah and Verity saw a gap in the market when they themselves found that they weren’t easily and conveniently able to send gifts quickly to Read More…

  • March 26 2019 Female investors support One Roof’s expansion in Melbourne

    Female only co-working space One Roof has secured investment from female investors to secure their next premise in Melbourne. Sheree Rubinstein, CEO of One Roof, set up the company with the inspiration to help women succeed in business and address the gender gap in entrepreneurship. After major success as a simple pop-up using an Airbnb Read More…

  • March 25 2019 How three small Victoria brands grew from social media

    More and more small businesses are growing their brands using online platforms and building presence, following and revenue. The power of social media was something not missed by these three small businesses in Victoria, who have been capitalising on the commercial opportunities that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms provide. Bendigo Brittle, Peggy Read More…

  • March 20 2019 Waddle secures $4M in Series A funding

    Online lender and invoice finance solution company, Waddle, yesterday announced it has secured AUD$4 million in Series A funding. The funding round was secured from experienced technology investor, Allectus Capital Limited (Allectus), and will be utilised to aggressively scale the platform in Australasia and accelerate the integration of Waddle’s global financial services partners. The raise Read More…

  • March 1 2019 People power: why your employees are pivotal to a cracking customer experience

    Commentary around ‘customer experience’ has not been in short supply in the Australian business media of late. Take a deep dive into the topic and you’ll find scores of experts who’ll identify customer experience as a key area for companies to create competitive advantage in 2019 and beyond. According to management consultancy Accenture, we have Read More…

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  • July 19 2018 How to become a more responsible business in 2018

    When you first started your business, you more than likely made decisions based on your gut instinct and learned through trial and error. As your business has started to grow, you will work with more talented professionals, who can help point you in the right direction when making big decisions such as marketing techniques, sales Read More…

  • July 18 2018 Staying true to the core

    There is a special ingredient when it comes to small business success and leveraging this ‘special ingredient’ can make all of the difference to the ultimate triumph of the company you worked so hard to build. What is this ‘special ingredient’ you ask? Simple: It’s being small. Small enough that you can cherish your customers Read More…