• October 16 2015 A lawyer not in the pursuit of profits

    What motivates an entrepreneur is a matter for the individual. It could be the prospect of making money – and lots of it, or the need to be your own boss. For others however, it’s the need to make big difference – and everything else falls incidental. After nine years in the legal profession, Ugur Read More…

  • October 14 2015 The effects test: What are the effects?

    Today, over 20 small business association leaders are convening at Parliament House to make their case for the adoption of the hotly debated effects test into Australian competition law. Put simply, the effects test, proposed by the Harper competition review, seeks to amend section 46 of the Competition and Consumer Act by targeting business behaviour that Read More…

  • June 16 2015 Ten ways to negotiate a better lease

    If you find yourself negotiating a commercial or retail lease for the first time, being familiar with these key lease issues will help you strike a better deal.

  • April 17 2015 Poor bookkeeping horror story: a bean counter’s tale

    If you think that bookkeeping and accounting fees are high, consider this horror story, which could be the one tale that gets business owners thinking about their own business.

  • March 30 2015 Why legal policies are a must for your website

    While the eCommerce boom shows no signs of slowing down, it’s important that businesses understand the importance of a legal infrastructure behind their website.

  • March 25 2015 Business emails: Legal matters (Part 2)

    Legal ramifications associated with emailed correspondence are often overlooked, but the growing instances in which emails are used to drive legal disputes suggest we should be paying more attention.

  • March 18 2015 Business emails: Legal matters (Part 1)

    As emails fly back and forth between your business and clients, partners, friends and family, it’s easy to forget one thing: emails are often used as evidence in legal proceedings.

  • February 9 2015 How a drink-driving conviction may affect your business

    Driving under the influence can have a long-lasting and unpleasant effect on an individual, but it can end up even more costly than you may think if you are a small business owner.

  • February 9 2015 The 5 legal issues to watch out for when investing in a franchise

    Choosing a franchise over owning an independent business should provide you with constant back up and support. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to wash your hands of the legal and financial implications.

  • January 29 2015 How to future proof your business: Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements

    Shareholder buy/sell agreements are the perfect way to ensure your business continues to run smoothly, even when the unexpected occurs.

  • November 27 2014 Why legal advice is vital for any SME owner

    A small to medium enterprise or SME in Australia must have access to specific, fundamental types of legal advice. The failure to obtain this advice can result in a SME ending up facing significant and costly legal problems.

  • October 28 2014 Protecting your business from lawsuits

    For small and even some medium-sized businesses, having to pay indemnification worth a few hundred thousand dollars almost always leads to instant insolvency, followed by bankruptcy and ultimately, termination.

  • August 7 2014 Trademark dispute turned UGG-ly

    Over the last several years, the little old sheepskin boot has been the centre of a very un-Australian brand name battle between a large American company and small Aussie manufacturers.

  • July 10 2014 What’s going on in NSW Fair Trading?

    The status of the NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe is shrouded in mystery amid speculation he is the key political casualty following the electrocution of a 28-year-old woman by a faulty USB charger.

  • June 30 2014 Crack-down on unsafe electrical items

    Operators who sell unapproved electrical products are being targeted by Fair Trading investigators following the fatal electrocution of a young mother on the central coast.