Deciding whether PR is right for your business

Public Relations training in front of microphones

Public relations is considered a vital function within any business that aims to achieve its objectives and develop positive brand reputation. Although many businesses are now implementing public relations specialists to help provide two-way communication between stakeholders, public relations is often misunderstood.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding what public relations is all about to help assist you when deciding if public relations is right for your business.

1.      What is public relations?

Public relations can be described as a planned and deliberate strategy that helps maintain a positive relationship between a business and its stakeholders. Public relations is essentially presenting a favourable image of a company in order to gain public understanding and acceptance.

2.      Why should my business implement a public relations strategy?

The benefits of a public relations strategy are long-term and are essentially about educating a company’s key target market or markets. It creates awareness about a business and can help to influence public opinion about a business.

In a social media savvy society, public relations benefits businesses across a range of media technologies which helps protect the reputation of a business on various media platforms.

3.      How do I decide if a public relations agency is right for me?

The benefits of hiring a public relations agency, is that public relations practitioners are trained in serving as a two-way channel between the client and its target audience or audiences.

By outsourcing a public relations agency, business owners are allowing public relations practitioners to create and implement messages and strategies that they would otherwise have no experience in doing.

A public relations agency understands the influence of public opinion and would ideally research the businesses current situation, using their industry experience to enhance the businesses reputation through key media tools and trends.

Public relations should be an essential function of all businesses. PR helps create and maintain a good reputation with a business’s key target audience by creating opportunities to communicate and learn from them.

Although misunderstood occasionally, public relations is a growing sector in today’s business world, becoming a business necessity in many organisations. It can help open many new doors and create new opportunities for all businesses – from start up to well established brands.

  • It is always important to remember that Public Relations is not something that should only be thought about when things go wrong or when a crisis arises. Having good Public Relations, can be very helpful in minimizing the long term effects of a crisis. Public Relations is an executive management activity that creates an understanding between your business and its publics(news media, your community, customers, potential customers, & suppliers). Javier Sambrano is a partner of Menton Harbor Creative Group and has been in Public Relations more than 10 years. Visit Menton Harbor Creative Group on Facebook: