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Robots could help Aussie businesses save more than $100 million in energy costs

Robots are helping Australian businesses navigate the complex energy market and save millions of dollars in energy costs. Data released today by Australian technology company...

Are you a hypocrite? How do you compare when it comes to paying suppliers?

Are small businesses guilty of paying other small businesses late? Are the people whinging also the source of the problem? Could it be that we are hypocrites?

How to stop bill shock

Smartphones and tablets are key tools for modern business – but for small business owners, they can lead to unnecessary stress when staff rack up unexpectedly high mobile bills.

Businesses taking two months to pay bills

Businesses are almost two months late in paying their bills, with the national tardiness rate blowing out to an average 53 days.

SMBs struggle to pay bills on time

Over two-thirds of small businesses aren’t paying bills on time, with the number of organisations paying invoices more than three months late jumping to 20 percent.

Prepare for looming power price hikes

Make it Cheaper's Tim Wolfenden spent some time in country NSW recently, which allowed him to get a "bit of a reality check" about upcoming electricity price rises. "Households and small businesses across NSW will see their electricity bills soar by an average of 17.3 percent. This will add an extra $1000 onto an average small business bill of $6000. Where’s that going to come from?"

Mobile usage policy for employees necessary

Organisations without clearly defined mobile phone usage policies and monitoring systems leave themselves open to financial, reputation, legal and security risks, a Stratatel leadership paper has found.

How to use invoices and bills to market to your customers

One solution to this issue is TransPromo, the printing industry’s term for the combination of personalised marketing messaging and “must-read” documents such as bills or statements.