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A look at the seductive qualities of Silicon Valley

Aussie start-ups are fleeing abroad, lured by Silicon Valley, which is undoubtedly the best place to nurture a tech business. That said, all is not lost in Australia and you just need to look a little harder for the support and success stories.

CBA launches competition to give SMBs a $10,000 cash injection

The Commonwealth Bank is giving the small to medium business community a chance to share in a $30,000 support package, in an attempt to help the sector that accounts for more than 35 percent of Australia’s economy.

Are you an SMB in need of research funding?

Small to medium ICT businesses are being invited to apply for up to $50,000 in funding from the ACS Foundation (ACSF), which has just been recognised as an Eligible Research Organisation under the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research’s Enterprise Connect, Researchers in Business program.

UQ Enterprize Awards finalists named

The five finalists for the University of Queensland (UQ) Business School Enterprize Awards 2011 have been announced.

Innovative companies share in $8 million of funding

The Gillard Government will share $8 million of funding between 19 innovative companies, to assist them to get their pioneering products into the market.

Property market woes impact small businesses

The plunging property market will put a number of small businesses at risk, particularly start-ups that often secure finance using the value of their homes, according to Rob Lamers, CEO of Oxford Funding, a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Funding your business’ export growth

Is your business ready for export growth? If a huge order that could transform your business comes in, do you have the necessary working...

Growing your business with private equity

Private equity isn’t just for big business. Innovative, growing SMEs are often in need of capital to fund business growth, and private equity may...

‘Software governs most of what a business does’: Hyperautomation in 2020

"Software has become the spinal cord of a business."  Those are the words of Appian co-founder and CEO Matt...

Customer loyalty the key to successful Christmas sales, new research finds

New research has revealed an opportunity for retailers to grow their business and create long-term relationships with customers over the Christmas season.

Deloitte Tech Fast 50 winners 2020: full list

The Deloitte Tech Fast 50 list recognises Australia's fastest growing tech companies. This year, the Fast 50 had an average growth of...

How to get your small business started online

2020 changed the way Australians live, work, and shop like never before. The COVID-19 restrictions encouraged many people once resistant to buying...

The business case for stricter data practices: Why businesses aren’t waiting for the rules to change

Consumer data privacy continues to be a hotly debated topic; especially in countries like Australia where we are yet to introduce updated...

Growing complexity in cloud architecture increases vulnerability to ransomware attacks, research says

As the need for multi-cloud adoption has increased with remote working, businesses have become more vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Meet the Aussie fintech founder who has grown his business by 4000% in 12 months

“The reality is, if you make it easy for people to buy things, more people will buy things.” Those...

How the disposable nature of tech is putting your businesses data at risk

It has become common practice for people to chase the latest technology trends. As tech becomes part of our everyday life, the...